McCool, Collins set Alyeska climb record

Bluebird skies lured a big turnout Saturday to the Alyeska Climbathon, a 10-hour thigh-and-quad killer that produced a new record.

Clint McCool and John Collins both recorded a dozen circuits up and down Mount Alyeska in 10 hours, toppling Collins' old record of 11.

Racers climb the North Face of Alyeska 2,000 feet to the Roundhouse and ride the tram down before repeating the circuit.

"This race is a killer," race director Brad Precosky said in a press release.

Race organizers named the circuits after well-known mountains of about the same vertical distance. Hence, Collins' and McCool's 12 laps totalling 24,000 were dubbed Annapurna after the South American peak.

After 10 hours, all climbing ends. McCool, a regular in the top-10 at Mount Marathon, finished his 12 laps with 25 minutes to spare.

Alyeska Climbathon

Saturday in Girdwood

Annapurna (12 laps) -- Clint McCool, John Collins. Aconcagua (11 laps) -- Andrew Kulmatiski, Matt Novakovich, Jason Walsh. Denali (10 laps) -- Thomas Bailly, Hal Carson, Brian Burnett, Mark Brady, Paul LaFrance, Ed O'Conner. Wrangell (9 laps) -- Bridget Carlson, BethAnne Clary, Karen Williams, Matt Carmany, Justin Wisniewski. Sanford (8 laps) -- Sissy Adams, Jennifer Call, Maggie Donnelly, Lucy Swygman, Martin Cassens, Jeff Clay, T.J. Farnum, Ian Kent, Jonathan Lee, Michael Quimby, Scott Sims, Grant Walker. Hunter (7 laps) -- Desiree Dietz, Shannon Erickson, Erin Graves, Stacey Orlov, Jessica Summer, Mark Connelly, River Walsh, Geoffrey Alvarez, John Haywood, Darren Mattingley, Josh Overturf. Deborah (6 laps) -- Allison Devine, Annie Connelly, Deb Burdick-Hinton, Sarah Haywood, Julie LaFrance, Kristen Phillips, Jennifer Uriarte, Liz Walker, Sue Wilkens, Michael Connelly, Beck Haywood, Aden Haywood, Paul Beever, Barry Bruninca, Paul Clark, Daniel Keeler, Logan Riis, Mike Wirschem. Redoubt (5 laps) -- Tia Conley, Ginny Grupp, Sally Huntley, Annie Luck, Kate Mohatt, Matthew Freeman, Mark Grabowski, Kyle Hoover. Bashful (4 laps) -- Austin Hinton, Jonathan Kingsland. Matanuska (3 laps) -- Rhett Sieverts, Chris Dabbs, Paul Hatcher, Josh Morales. Alyeska (2 laps) -- Jamie Beever, Carol Makar-Gibbs, Crystal Rhodes, Jim Johnson, Timothy Place, Chad Sorbin. Alyeska (1 lap) -- Marie Walker, Braun Precosky, Josiah Walker.

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