Constitutional, fiscally responsible government is not 'extremist'

Jeffrey Roberts

Today liberal politicians like to call "extremist" people who believe in a constitutional, fiscally responsible federal government. But I never thought I would hear Lisa Murkowski call a majority of her fellow Alaskans who cared enough to take the time to vote in the primary, by the same term: "extremist."

I cannot speak for all 55,878 people who voted for Miller, but I can speak for myself. I am a graduate of West Point, I served our nation as soldier for eight years, including Afghanistan and Iraq, I have been married for seven years, have four children, am active in my church, own a home, pay my taxes, watch my budget and pay off my credit card every month.

And Murkowski calls me an extremist.

I understand that she is upset over her primary loss to Joe Miller, and I am sure that she always envisioned holding her "Murkowski" Senate seat for multiple decades like Sen. Stevens. But I do not understand why she is actively undermining the Republican nominee, while going out of her way to insult me and many Alaskans.

Although she did not always vote the way I wanted, I used to respect Lisa for her commitment to Alaska. But my respect for her has been shattered this past week. First, she publicly conceded the election, and now she is going back on her word. Second, her supporters were courting the Libertarian Party, which she did not stop, indicating that she is willing to jump parties if that would get her name on the ballot. Third, she is willing to split the Republican vote and give the election to a Democrat, which shows that she is more concerned about herself than what is best for Alaskans. And now there are reports that she is asking a Democrat lobbyist for financial support.

At West Point, the terms "Duty, Honor, Country" mean something. They are burned into my heart, and I try to live by these ideals every day. Murkowski would do well to apply these concepts now before she is led further astray by well-wishing supporters.

• Duty -- accept the will of Alaska voters and step out of the race.

• Honor -- do not go back on your word, and stop insulting Alaskans.

• Country -- if you really want what is best for Alaska and the United States, respect the votes that we cast.

On a personal note, I have not participated in Joe Miller's campaign, but Lisa's actions have inspired me to go to Joe Miller's campaign headquarters to volunteer my time and money.

Jeffrey Roberts works in the aerospace industry and is a veteran of eight years in the Army. He lives in Palmer.