Political discourse

Political discourse

Election Day is less than a month away, and the U.S. Senate race has captured voters' attention. Or maybe driven them crazy. Here are some things I've heard from Alaskans discussing the three major candidates, write-in Lisa Murkowski, Republican Joe Miller and Democrat Scott McAdams.

• Lisa Murkowski is a spoiled brat who won't stop sniveling about "her" lost primary.

• Joe Miller is a carpetbagging liar who has repeatedly taken advantage of government programs.

• Scott McAdams is fat. Besides that, he's boring. He keeps talking about dull stuff like education.

• The most important issue facing Alaska is the correct spelling of Murkowski -- MUR-KOW-SKI.

• I'll tell you how to spell Murkowski. J-O-E M-I-L-L-E-R.

• I hate Frank Murkowski. I can't vote for Lisa.

• Miller is arrogant and has too many kids.

• I want a choice. McAdams isn't a choice. He's nice and talks about my issues, but he can't win.

• Pizza Boy (McAdams)? You're kidding. I'm not voting for him.

• I always vote Democratic, but I'm voting for Lisa because I hate Joe. Lisa votes against everything I want, but I am not wasting my vote.

• Is it wasting my vote to vote against what I believe in? No, I hate Miller, and I think Lisa will be more liberal after her humbling experience in the primary.

• Sure I am a Democrat, but I am voting for Murkowski to hurt the tea party.

• Have you noticed? Lisa Murkowski looks bad whenever you see her on television.

• Joe Miller loves the Constitution more than other people, so vote for him.

• Yeah, the tea party gets a lot of money from Outside, but the people who contribute are real people, not lobbyists.

• Outsiders who contribute to the tea party are trying to steal an election. Outsiders who contribute to Murkowski are just trying to help Alaskans.

• I know Lisa's a good person. I just can't figure out what happened to her in Washington.

• Joe Miller has no right to call himself a judge.

• Scott McAdams has no right to use Ted Stevens' Incredible Hulk tie.

• I know a guy who knows a guy who was a neighbor of Miller's in Connecticut. He's got a lot of bad things to say about Miller's driving skills.

• I know a woman who knows a woman who knows Lisa Murkowski real well. I hear she's cheap, a real lousy tipper.

• I wonder where McAdams buys his clothes.

• McAdams is Democrat. I'm a Democrat. I am voting for McAdams.

-- Michael Carey