Time Bandit captains settle legal dispute, return to 'Deadliest Catch'

It didn't take long for the captains of the Homer-ported Time Bandit and the Discovery Channel to patch up their legal differences. They were on a deadline, though: "Deadliest Catch" is scheduled to begin shooting its next season in the Bering Sea fishery this month. On Friday, reports the Homer News, Discovery announced that Time Bandit Capts. Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand agreed to finish a "Deadliest Catch" offshoot special about their personal lives and will return to "Deadliest Catch this season. Sig Hansen, captain of the Northwestern and a supporter of the Hillstrands, also agreed to return to "Deadliest Catch." Discovery had sued the Hillstrands for $3 million for failure to complete work on the side project, and the Hillstrands subsequently announced they would quit "Deadliest Catch."