Senate candidate Q/A: Fredrick ''David'' Haase (L)

Candidate's name: Fredrick "David" Haase

Party: Libertarian

Date of birth: Oct. 19, 1942

Occupation: Real estate entrepreneur and problem solver

Current employer (with starting date):

Employment history (please include starting and ending months and years):

Self-employed almost 50 years with the exception of a few years in the Army in the 1960s and 1980s.

Previous public offices held (include dates): None

Previous unsuccessful runs for office (include dates):

U.S. Senate 2008

Post-secondary education (please includes dates and degrees):

Graduated and Certified Commercial Investment Member of the National Association of Realtors, 1969 CCIM

Oregon Realtors Institute 1966 graduation 1970 GRI

Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Institute of America 1993 GIA.

Military service (starting and ending dates, last rank, specialty):

Drafted 1964, two years food inspector, qualified sharpshooter M-14, awarded the National Defense Service Medal, honorable discharge 1966.

Re-enlisted for part time duty in the Oregon Army National Guard 1980s, served as Calvary Scout and the Nuclear Biological Chemical expert for the 116 armored Calvary, qualified M16 Expert.

1988 to 1992 Army National Guard Recruiter Sergeant awarded Master Recruiting Badge and the Army Achievement Medal.

Spouse's name: Linda we are divorced and best of friends

Children: Shelly Renae, Ana Moria and Kimberly Cathleen

In what states have you lived for at least six months? In what countries?

Alaska, California, Colorado, Georgia, Oregon and Wyoming

Web site:


1. Why are you running for office? (Up to 100 words)

To bring attention to the fact the Federal Reserve is not a government entity It needs to be federalized and put under direct control of the congress where the constitution says it should be. Congress can't even get a simple audit, not to mention answers to congressional questions. It is time we the people bail out of this entire fraud and turn it to the good of the people. We start by taking control and using the rules of the bankers to the benefit of the people. If another candidate would take up that banner I would be gone fishing.

2. If elected, what are the three most important things you want to accomplish during your first/next term? (Please be specific.)

Insure Social Security for the young when they become age eligible. Abolish the individual income tax. Federalize the Federal Reserve and place it under Congressional control and oversight. Pay the entire national debt off, with non-interest bearing treasury notes. Thereby canceling the Federal Reserve notes out of existence. Google "money as debt" by Paul Grignon, once you understand you will know the truth. We still have time to bail out. Let' take our country back.

3. What specific changes, if any, will you propose or support for the Social Security system?

Social Security should be the responsibility of the Federalized Federal Reserve it was set up to make money off the people for the benefit of the elite international bankers it is time to change it's mission for the benefit of the people. Medicare can be funded the same way. The financial system we are indentured into takes money out of the system while simultaneously inflating the costs of goods leaving the elderly as innocent victims.

4. The Bush-era tax cuts are set to expire on Dec. 31. Which comes closest to your position:

• Congress should extend the tax cuts only for the middle class, not for the top 2 percent, that is, households earning $250,000 or more.

• Congress should extend the tax cuts for everyone, including the top 2 percent, that is, households earning $250,000 or more.

• Congress should not extend any of the ax cuts.

• Other (explain).

Like asking about the plumbing of a burning house. The Congress should abolish the income tax and the IRS. The entire 15 Trillion dollar so called national debt (exact amount to be determined by audit). Should be paid by one Treasury note of the determined amount. The bondholders would get the new legal tender and the banks would cease to get interest. So there would no longer be a need for the individual income tax.

5. Should the U.S. tax code be simplified? Is it fair? What would you describe as its single worst flaw?

President Wilson signed the law later said. "I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, but of dominant men."

6. Do you support congressional term limits? What limit would you propose?

Term limits has the support of the voters but never the professional politicians.

I support term limits as taught by George Washington. However the states have the right not the Federal government to limit them. Congress makes the rules that make the tenure lucrative. If we fixed the financial system crisis, we would stop the flow of money fueling the fire of corruption. If we don't fix the financial crisis term limits are irrelevant.

7. Do you support the current U.S. strategy in Afghanistan? What should the future United States role in Afghanistan be?

We won the war in Afghanistan almost a decade ago, What we are doing there now is making enemies and protecting the drug traffic. It is all part of the plan to rack up debt by the New World order Tyrants. God bless our men and women over there doing there best. No one has ever successfully occupied Afghanistan. Alexander the great conquered or more correctly established trade routes, but he did not stay.

8. How good a job is the military and the Veterans Administration doing in providing ongoing care to soldiers and ex-soldiers who served in the war? What specifically would you do to improve services?

The Veteran's care while not having the bedside hand holding that is expected on the civilian side. Is more of a military operation and it boils down to men and women helping their buddies. I do not think it can be duplicated without the military service that it's dedicated personal and veteran patience's completed. However the VA can lead in life prolonging service as it does with Nutritionist and more natural remedies and vitamin use.

9. What is your position on the federal loan guarantees for an Alaska natural gas pipeline?

• Increase them

• Maintain them as they are

• Decrease them

• Eliminate them

Why? What specifically would you do to carry out your position if elected?

Federal Loan Guarantees may or may not be preferable to Federal Grants. We need to focus on the big picture; where does money come from? The constitution gave special powers to the Federal Government to create money. If you do not know what Fiat money is you can never really understand financing of anything. Find out for yourself; Google "Money as Debt" and "Fiat Money."

10. Do you support oil and gas development on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? If so, what specifically would do to make this happen? How would this be more effective than previous efforts?

I support developing the coastal plane and believe as neither an R nor D but an Alaskan Senator I can bring a different way to look at it for those who want to save the wildlife. We know that you could build an Interstate freeway across the route of caribou and they would cross it as they do countless obstacles on route to a mosquito infested arid swamp where Caribou appreciate the man made structures.

11. Should the proposed Pebble mine in southwest Alaska be constructed? If you have any specific concerns about the project, what are they?

Yes I have concerns I can't help it when you hear the arguments by both sides and watch the ads on television. The passion of the people making the arguments is gut wrenching. I have seen some very destructive mines in Colorado where I was born and some very environmentally friendly ones. At this point it still needs to be proven safe for the Bristol Bay and that has not yet been proven to me.

12. Should the federal government end affirmative action programs in the public sector? In the private sector?


One can question should of we ever had Affirmative action programs in the first place. I think they did some injustices some justice. However that time has past and we do not need them today. We need to get away from identifying people by race or national origin or any other such terms. They only divide us in to separate groups; we are American residents of our community and that's all that is important.

13. Do you believe the U.S. Constitution should be amended in any specific ways? Do you believe any existing amendments should be repealed? Explain.

The constitution of the United States should only be amended as provided in the Constitution. The founders of our constitution knew that the power of the crown of England should never be replicated again. We have strayed from the Constitution and are now in a financial crisis. The Supreme Court's decision that corporations have the same rights as people would of never occurred to them, but they knew something would so amend the Constitution again.

14. What is your position on the 8(a) federal contracting policy that many Alaska Native corporations have used to grow?

• Continue it as is

• Expand it

• Shrink it

• Eliminate it

Why? What specifically would you do to carry out your position if elected?

The Alaska Native corporations provide security to the taxpayers that the contract will be completed on time, on budget; if not the corporation will take from it's earnings and make the taxpayers whole. The fact that they have assets at risk is an important part of the equation. Should some of the rules be tweaked? Maybe they should be and I am impressed to witness the wisdom of the corporations calling for some reform.

15. Do you support federal funding for the Denali Commission, which funds water, sewer, energy and other public projects in rural Alaska?

• Increase funding

• Maintain funding at the FY 2010 level of $64 million

• Decrease funding

• Eliminate funding

Why? What specifically would you do to carry out your position if elected?

Congress acknowledged the need for increased inter-agency cooperation and focus on Alaska's remote communities in 1998, creating the Denali Commission an independent federal agency designed to provide critical utilities, infrastructure, and economic support throughout Alaska. Since its first meeting in April 1999, the Commission is credited with providing numerous cost-shared infrastructure projects in Alaska. The jury is still out as to a better way. Keeping the decision making local is vital to a lasting success.

16. Is deficit spending by the federal government inherently bad in all circumstances? Under what circumstances would you support deficit spending by the federal government?

Money is created as debt but only enough to pay the debt, not enough to pay the interest and the debt. The only way to get more money for the interest is more debt, with more interest. Are you starting to get it? Soon the banks own everything. The government could create the same money with out paying the interest, which would surely be more desirable to the people, but not The New world order.

17. Name five large federal government programs you would eliminate within 10 years if you could.

1. The Department of Education. I went to school before it's existence. We were taught Mercantilism; if Americans understood Mercantilism most favorable trade for China, NAFTA, GAFTA and all the rest of the job exporting legislation would never have gotten to first base.

2. DEA prohibition never has worked and it never will in a free society.

3. FEMA is the scariest one what is this continuity of Government all about? Home Land Security and more?

18. Do you believe the U.S. Constitution authorizes the collection of a federal income tax?

No; the Constitution was written to protect us from what has happened. This is how we fix it. "The People Bailout" Federalize the Federal Reserve and place it under Congressional control and oversight. Pay/cancel the entire national debt off, with non-interest bearing Treasury notes (Greenbacks as Abraham Lincoln did). Place funding responsibility of Social Security and Medicare to the Federalized Federal Reserve Corporation. (Next to the new consumer protection agency.) Abolish the individual income tax.

19. Are you satisfied with the level of federal environmental regulation and oversight of offshore oil and gas drilling and shipping to prevent a major spill in Alaska? If not, what do you want to see changed?

In general I see little need for the Federal Government protecting the environment and more need for Locals and States to step to the plate the Feds should only advise. The thought that big government can protect better than people close to the problem makes no sense. Which brings up the question in my mind why no counties in Alaska? Counties are far better at regulating environmental issues because they are closest to the problem.

20. Rural Alaska communities continue to be hit by very high rates of unemployment, suicide, abuse and neglect. Is there anything you would do to address these issues? What specifically?

Is employment necessary to a good living in the Bush; are there no entrepreneurs? The people living in rural areas need to be self-sufficient because the day will come when the Federal Governments help will not be there. The new World Order folks would be happy if they all quietly froze to death. The point being people in rural Alaska should not be beholden to people in Washington D.C. and beyond look to your neighbors.

21. Should marriage be legally defined as between one man and one woman?

The Federal Government needs to get away from this issue. States have some say as do counties and cities, but the Feds; no way Jose. Marriages should be up to the church to say who is and who isn't. If you don't like their say, change churches, but leave the Federal Government out of it. The bad guys use issues like this to divide and to distract us. Folks let's stay out of this trap.

22. Should openly gay women and men be able to serve in the U.S. military?

As an Army Recruiter when "The don't ask don't tell" legislation was enacted. I was ordered to cross out two questions regarding homosexual activity, "Have you and will you?" on the Department of Defense form used by all the military branches. A yes answer meant you did not qualify no question, no yes you qualify. What's going on? Repeal would be no gays in the military. Or is there more in the legislation than repeal?

23. State your position on abortion.

Life begins at conception; life is given by God to the woman carrying it to care for it, not the Federal Government. It is a Church versus Government's rights issue. If we would of started with a government they would of passed a law against eating apples and talking to snakes. Government needs get out of Gods business. However I would do everything in my power to persuade women not to have an abortion.

24. Do you believe abortions should be allowed in the case of rape or incest? What about when the life of the mother is at risk?

These are not the questions that an outsider with nothing personal at stake could or should answer for another who is faced with such a personal decision. The first Psalm advises us not to stand in the way of sinners and I try to comply. The Federal Government should be silent on this subject and the rest of us should leave any such judgment of those who make these decisions to the Lord thy God.

25. What is your view on teaching creationism in public schools? Do you believe it should be part of the required state curriculum? How does it fit in with teaching evolution?

Evolution as science should be taught as should the Bible both as history and literature. Neither should be taught as Religion. They all have there place learning is understanding how they go together. A state required curriculum should be secondary to the local school board and the federal government should have no control. PTA's should be more evolved and would be if mothers and dads both did not have to work to make ends meet.

26. What should Congress or the federal government do, if anything, to help increase the supply of doctors in Alaska?

Was there ever a reason to give someone a free education at taxpayer's expenses? Would it not be better to bloat the country with doctors than to put a tax on every breathing citizen as Obama care has done? Is there a better way? I think so and we can find it. The simple act of doing away with the income tax might fix this problem and it follows the Constitution and most alternatives don't.

27. Do human-caused emissions of greenhouse gases play any significant part in global warming?

No if you compare them to Sun Spots Yes if you can measure them they are significant. Global warming has been going all my life and that is a bit longer than most Alaskan voters, but nowhere as long as it has been going on. We need to look at the positive effects and quit being afraid of the buggy man. Do I want to get rid of the Environmentalists? Absolutely not Americans are Environmentalists.

28. Do you support enacting any laws or regulations to reduce human-caused greenhouse gas emissions as a way to moderate global warming? Explain.

"Any law" is to broad to answer "The Cap and Trade" program is another way for "The New World Order" Tyrants to squeeze more out of the working people of the world and that includes self employed and investors alike. It's the same model they use to control most of the world currency. If they like a particular polluter they will just issue them more pollution credit. While they tax other enterprises out of existence.

29. How would you describe the core health care policy problem in the U.S.? Was the problem addressed, in whole or in part, by the health care reform legislation passed by Congress this year?

The idea that insurance is the answer to better health care is the core problem. Thinking outside the box as they say maybe as simple as thinking out side of insurance. Insurance is for an accident that probably will never happen. Going to the doctor is for sure and any one that gets between a doctor and the patience should be in trouble. Training of more health care providers is a better place to focus.

30. Do you believe the health care reform legislation should be repealed? If it were to be repealed, what would you propose Congress do to improve access to affordable, quality health care for most or all Americans?

Yes it is an un constitutional tax on breathing it would be laughable if it were not true, we should all be up in arms how could we let this happen? This one is so bad it can't be fixed a fast repeal will mitigate most of the damage and hopefully the episode will bring us together to find a better way. Bailing out of the income tax system is good beginning for better health.

31. Will you vote for federal legislation containing earmarks? Will you propose the inclusion of earmarks for Alaska in federal appropriations bills?

It's easy to condemn earmarks but not so easy to fund local projects. What about the idea of the federal government deeding all the land it owns (other than what the constitution says it can own), to the state and the various governments with in a state. With the locals owing the land they would not need to come begging to the federal government, when that happens earmarks will be history for good.

32. Is it appropriate to use the polar bear listing as a threatened species to limit oil and gas development in the Arctic or regulate distant greenhouse gas emissions? Are there other steps you think government and industry should take to protect Alaska's polar bear population?

Using the polar bear as an issue against oil and gas development is no way to build anything including help for the polar bears. The polar bears plight will not be resolved by the oil and gas industry one way ore the other. It is only a warm fuzzy way to induce well-meaning people to stray from the real problems that do us people the real harm as we are led to indentured servitude slavery.

33. Do you support the federal granting of ownership shares of Bering Sea commercial fisheries to western Alaska villages -- the CDQ program -- at the expense of private companies that work those fisheries?

Yes the United States claim to this fishery is due to its location to the land the villages occupy. In general the fish should belong to the people who catch them. However there is always more to the problem than an easy solution from a guy whose only fishing has been for sport and to eat. I would listen to a lot of people especially fishermen and villagers before I voted on this issue.

34. Would you:

• Expand the program to include more villages

• Expand the program by increasing the ownership shares of the villages

• Maintain the program as is, with the villages collectively getting a percentage of the pollock, crab ... commercial catches.

• Shrink the program

• Eliminate the program


Maintain the plan with a goal to create more jobs and sustain the industry. The most efficient way of fishing is not the best way to manage the fishery. Look at the east coast Lobster fishery it is healthy because it is such an inefficient way of catching Lobster. Our Salmon could all be caught with a series of clever traps manned by a very few people, Alaska fixed that problem early on for fisherman.

35. It has been difficult for Alaskans eligible for Medicare to find coverage because of a shortage of physicians willing to accept these patients under current benefit rules. Do you believe this is a problem? What specific steps would you take to improve the situation?

Yes this is a problem and probably can be fixed by changing the rules. As neither a Republican nor a Democrat and elected with out taking a dollar from any one will be noticed. The vast majority of Congress are tired of asking for money and having to deal with the consequences. The honest ones will listen to me and the rest will mock me, in the debate the people will learn the real truth.