Senate candidate Q/A: Ted Gianoutsos (unaffiliated)

Candidate's name: Ted Gianoutsos

Party: On ballot by petition as no-party candidate, registered as (founding member) Veterans Party of Alaska

Date of birth: Aug. 5, 1942

Occupation: Retired since 2007

Current employer (with starting date):


Employment history (please include starting and ending months and years):

Production manager and business owner -- construction materials and solar energy, 1968-1979

From '79 to '83

Senior energy analyst on congressionally mandated BIA school renovation project, Office of the Secretary of the Interior in Washington, D.C., 1979-1983

I stood up against multimillion-dollar campaign-contribution-related contract fraud and waste involving senior Department officials -- one of the proudest, most honorable, and most costly stigmata that I bear -- and was unprecedentedly and illegally fired by order of the Secretary. From 1983 to 2007 due to severe on-going retaliation and blacklisting was either unemployed, part-time employed or full-time employed in a series of survival-level jobs as school bus driver, substitute teacher, and tour bus driver.

Previous public offices held (include dates):


Previous unsuccessful runs for office (include dates):

U.S. senator in 2004 and 2008; Alaska governor in 2006

Post-secondary education (please includes dates and degrees):

Boston University, bachelor's in business administration, 1968

University of Southern California (Washington, D.C. Center), master's in public administration, 1979

Military service (starting and ending dates, last rank, specialty):

Air Force 1961 to 1965, airman, C-130 crew chief

Spouse's name: Francoise

Children: None

In what states have you lived for at least six months? In what countries?

Massachusetts, Florida, Virginia, Alaska, France (Air Force), Africa (United Nations)

Web site:


1. Why are you running for office? (Up to 100 words)

TO OPEN ANWR! I am uniquely qualified to do that. My wife Francoise and I are the only couple in U.S. history to put an entire generic wildlife act -- the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation -- through a divided Congress in a few months (1983-1984) to unanimous passage with 60 co-sponsors including 22 chairmen and the leadership of both parties because we personified the it. We also personify my proposed high ground N.E.W.-ANWR legislation that will open ANWR in the most beneficial way and create the National Endowment for Wildlife (N.E.W.) headquartered here in Alaska where it belongs.

2. If elected, what are the three most important things you want to accomplish during your first/next term? (Please be specific.)

I WILL open ANWR in the most beneficial way for Alaska, America, and wildlife. It is worth 2 trillion dollars. Alaska's share will ensure Alaska's prosperity for the next 50 years and provide billions for good jobs, education, healthcare, seniors, roads, bigger pfd's and all of the other things that make living in Alaska the best! That will be my biggest accomplishment, by far.

3. What specific changes, if any, will you propose or support for the Social Security system?

I will support changes to make the tax progressive in terms of income and to make it all-inclusive. Also, I will support changes to make Social Security the primary retirement system for everyone and to allow voluntary contributions above required ones to augment pensions.

4. The Bush-era tax cuts are set to expire on Dec. 31. Which comes closest to your position:

• Congress should extend the tax cuts only for the middle class, not for the top 2 percent, that is, households earning $250,000 or more.

• Congress should extend the tax cuts for everyone, including the top 2 percent, that is, households earning $250,000 or more.

• Congress should not extend any of the ax cuts.

• Other (explain).

Congress should extend the tax cuts for everyone, including the top 2 percent, that is, households earning $250,000 or more.

5. Should the U.S. tax code be simplified? Is it fair? What would you describe as its single worst flaw?

Of course! No. It allows for legal evasion by employing skilled lawyers and accountants whose time and efforts would be much better spent to strengthen America by devising a fair and simple tax code. Unfortunately, this will never happen. More is the pity! Greed is the dark and self-destructive side of capitalism. We will stumble along with the tax code we have with minor tweaking here and there, until it is too late.

6. Do you support congressional term limits? What limit would you propose?

Yes, I am SELF-term-limiting to 1 term only! I prefer to set the example by doing what is right rather than talking about it, just as I always put my money where my mouth is for what I believe is good.

7. Do you support the current U.S. strategy in Afghanistan? What should the future United States role in Afghanistan be?

America became supreme in 1945. With less than 5% of the world's population, and falling, America dominates the world militarily, economically, and culturally. As number one power we have no place else to go but down. Of necessity, America will always be involved in ongoing regional wars to keep them from becoming global. We will be in the Persian Gulf region for a long time to come. Bless our troops that keep all of us free!

8. How good a job is the military and the Veterans Administration doing in providing ongoing care to soldiers and ex-soldiers who served in the war? What specifically would you do to improve services?

By definition, whenever serving military members are injured and become physically unable or are too old to serve they become no longer militarily useful. The care that they, and their families, receive as veterans has always been the least, not BEST, care that the politicians can get away with. The only practical way to change least care to best care is a strong Veterans Party that can bring real replacement-type political pressure on the powers that be.

9. What is your position on the federal loan guarantees for an Alaska natural gas pipeline?

• Increase them

• Maintain them as they are

• Decrease them

• Eliminate them

Why? What specifically would you do to carry out your position if elected?

Maintain them as they are.

There is no gas line. We do have an OIL pipeline that is nearing 3/4ths EMPTY. I will open ANWR and fill our pipeline. That will do more to facilitate ANY gas line than anything done so far. Thanks to Frank and Lisa, who could have easily opened ANWR in 2003 with us personifying high ground N.E.W.-ANWR legislation, Alaska and America are losing more than 100 million dollars a DAY in ANWR oil money!

10. Do you support oil and gas development on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? If so, what specifically would do to make this happen? How would this be more effective than previous efforts?

YES! I will do it by personifying the high ground with my proposed N.E.W.-ANWR legislation. Frank and Lisa, failed because they don't personify the high ground and worse, seized the low ground legislatively thereby giving away the winning high ground to their opponents. Frank and Lisa blew it on ANWR big time for 30 years. I cannot possibly fail any worse than they did. My way is at least worth an all stops out try!

11. Should the proposed Pebble mine in southwest Alaska be constructed? If you have any specific concerns about the project, what are they?

If it is done underground it would be less problematical than open-pit. My biggest concern is that Alaska gets relatively little money from it and I am not yet sure that adequate environmental safeguards are in place.

12. Should the federal government end affirmative action programs in the public sector? In the private sector?

Affirmative action attempts to correct past wrongs. It does not really do that. It should be reformed to eliminate reverse discrimination and to correct the wrongs it has created.

13. Do you believe the U.S. Constitution should be amended in any specific ways? Do you believe any existing amendments should be repealed? Explain.

Americans are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution further guarantees these blessings and extends more entitlements such as the freedom of speech, religion, and the right to keep and bear arms. It has been amended from time to time to make it a living document. Its main purpose is to make a MORE PERFECT UNION! Let us not descend into an alliance of squabbling states.

14. What is your position on the 8(a) federal contracting policy that many Alaska Native corporations have used to grow?

• Continue it as is

• Expand it

• Shrink it

• Eliminate it

Why? What specifically would you do to carry out your position if elected?

Continue it as is.

As long as the money from the program stays in Alaska, I'm for it.

15. Do you support federal funding for the Denali Commission, which funds water, sewer, energy and other public projects in rural Alaska?

• Increase funding

• Maintain funding at the FY 2010 level of $64 million

• Decrease funding

• Eliminate funding

Why? What specifically would you do to carry out your position if elected?

Maintain funding at the FY 2010 level of $64 million.

It's fine, but opening ANWR will bring in far more money to all Alaskans.

16. Is deficit spending by the federal government inherently bad in all circumstances? Under what circumstances would you support deficit spending by the federal government?


Deficit spending is necessary in times of war or depression. We seem to do too much of it at other less dire times. It is very difficult to reverse the momentum without economic repercussions.

17. Name five large federal government programs you would eliminate within 10 years if you could.

Farm subsidies

Foreign aid (replace with loans)

Gas from corn (better to use corn as food)

Bank bailouts

Ongoing agency waste and fraud (good luck!)

18. Do you believe the U.S. Constitution authorizes the collection of a federal income tax?

Of course it does. Who else is going to collect taxes for the common defense and common good? It just needs to be made simpler, fairer, and all-inclusive (good luck on that one too!).

19. Are you satisfied with the level of federal environmental regulation and oversight of offshore oil and gas drilling and shipping to prevent a major spill in Alaska? If not, what do you want to see changed?

It could always be better, especially with the lessons learned from the Gulf spill.

20. Rural Alaska communities continue to be hit by very high rates of unemployment, suicide, abuse and neglect. Is there anything you would do to address these issues? What specifically?

Life is very hard in rural communities especially when traditional values conflict with modern ways. I don't think that federal law can solve what is essentially a culture clash. I do not know how to solve these problems. Opening ANWR will produce much more economic prosperity that MAY also benefit villages. But prosperity will not do it alone.

21. Should marriage be legally defined as between one man and one woman?

Marriage has always been culturally defined as between one man and one woman. That is the definition of my marriage with my wife Francoise that has happily lasted for 48 years now. Other homosexual cohabitation arrangements are socially accepted in today's America. These couples should have the blessings of legal civil unions that guarantee their respective civil rights. However, these alternate unions are not marriages in the traditional sense.

22. Should openly gay women and men be able to serve in the U.S. military?

Of course! Anyone, regardless of their sexuality, who voluntarily puts their lives on the line for me is my brother and my sister to whom I owe a big debt of gratitude for their sacrifice!

23. State your position on abortion.

Abortion is not good! It is a result of unwanted pregnancies. The less unwanted pregnancies the less abortion. That is far easier said than done in a society that is sexually permissive. Prevention of unwanted pregnancies is not easy, but it is the only way to dramatically reduce abortions. Repealing Roe vs. Wade will only drive abortions underground and outside of America, it will not stop them. We need to find ways to replace abortion with prevention!

24. Do you believe abortions should be allowed in the case of rape or incest? What about when the life of the mother is at risk?

Of course, BUT, care must be taken to not fraudulently use these conditions as a rationale to abort.

25. What is your view on teaching creationism in public schools? Do you believe it should be part of the required state curriculum? How does it fit in with teaching evolution?

All knowledge should be taught in public schools including theories of evolution and creation. Teach them both and let the student decide what THEY believe!

26. What should Congress or the federal government do, if anything, to help increase the supply of doctors in Alaska?

I will open ANWR. That will greatly increase prosperity in Alaska thereby bettering health care and attracting more doctors.

27. Do human-caused emissions of greenhouse gases play any significant part in global warming?

No! Global warming aka climate change aka climate disruption is a hyped-up profitable craze. Cap and trade is a green Ponzi scheme that dwarfs the mortgage securities scam. It will weaken America. If any global warming is actually happening, it is a recurring natural phenomenon that can be changed by a large natural disaster to global cooling. Enjoy your all too short life and stop worrying about "global" problems far beyond anyone's control.

28. Do you support enacting any laws or regulations to reduce human-caused greenhouse gas emissions as a way to moderate global warming? Explain.

No! See above answer. Better to stop the global warming SCARE, than to stop mythical global warming!

29. How would you describe the core health care policy problem in the U.S.? Was the problem addressed, in whole or in part, by the health care reform legislation passed by Congress this year?

Health care works more or less for most Americans. The reform was more political hype than real. There are still many "holes" in coverage and service. Reform just made everything more expensive.

30. Do you believe the health care reform legislation should be repealed? If it were to be repealed, what would you propose Congress do to improve access to affordable, quality health care for most or all Americans?

Yes, I would vote to repeal it and try to do a better job of fixing the biggest problems one by one.

31. Will you vote for federal legislation containing earmarks? Will you propose the inclusion of earmarks for Alaska in federal appropriations bills?

Pork "earmarks" are not needed in Alaska if ANWR were opened and our pipeline filled with ANWR oil. That would bring Alaska far more money that pork.

32. Is it appropriate to use the polar bear listing as a threatened species to limit oil and gas development in the Arctic or regulate distant greenhouse gas emissions? Are there other steps you think government and industry should take to protect Alaska's polar bear population?


Yes, they should get together on a mutually beneficial "contract" to conserve the bears. We can do both -- develop our oil and gas conserve our bears. We have been doing exactly that at Prudhoe with respect to caribou and bears for more than 30 years. The truth is that all of Alaska is wild. The North Slope and ANWR are not unique!

33. Do you support the federal granting of ownership shares of Bering Sea commercial fisheries to western Alaska villages -- the CDQ program -- at the expense of private companies that work those fisheries?

Only if the money derived stays in Alaska.

34. Would you:

• Expand the program to include more villages

• Expand the program by increasing the ownership shares of the villages

• Maintain the program as is, with the villages collectively getting a percentage of the pollock, crab ... commercial catches.

• Shrink the program

• Eliminate the program


Maintain the program as is.

35. It has been difficult for Alaskans eligible for Medicare to find coverage because of a shortage of physicians willing to accept these patients under current benefit rules. Do you believe this is a problem? What specific steps would you take to improve the situation?


Open ANWR to provide much greater prosperity in Alaska and more money for health care and for more doctors.