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Senate candidate Q/A: Tim Carter (unaffiliated)

Candidate's name: Tim Carter

Party: Non-affiliated

Date of birth: Aug. 29,1940

Occupation: Retired optometrist/personal investments

Current employer (with starting date):


Employment history (please include starting and ending months and years):

President, R. Timothy Carter ODPA, September 1964 - December 2004

Previous public offices held (include dates):


Previous unsuccessful runs for office (include dates):


Post-secondary education (please includes dates and degrees):

Florida State University, 1959-1961

Southern College of Optometry, 1961-1964, BS and OD degrees

Military service (starting and ending dates, last rank, specialty):


Spouse's name: Galy Carter

Children: Bo Carter, Casey Carter (dec)

In what states have you lived for at least six months? In what countries?

Florida, Alaska

Web site:


1. Why are you running for office? (Up to 100 words)

I am running for the U.S. Senate because I believe Alaska deserves an independent voice that represents all of the people and someone who has not sold their soul to get elected. I will represent all Alaskans; democrats, republicans, libertarians, independents and any other party in Alaska.

2. If elected, what are the three most important things you want to accomplish during your first/next term? (Please be specific.)

I want to represent all Alaskans and bring prosperity to our state as well as re-instill respect for our representatives.

I will work diligently with the other elected representatives and our president to open ANWR.

We need to have a state of the art airplane facility that will generate millions of dollars to our great state.

3. What specific changes, if any, will you propose or support for the Social Security system?

I will work hard ensure that Social Security will be sound and able to pay back the millions of Americans who have worked hard an paid into the system.

4. The Bush-era tax cuts are set to expire on Dec. 31. Which comes closest to your position:

• Congress should extend the tax cuts only for the middle class, not for the top 2 percent, that is, households earning $250,000 or more.

• Congress should extend the tax cuts for everyone, including the top 2 percent, that is, households earning $250,000 or more.

• Congress should not extend any of the ax cuts.

• Other (explain).

Congress should extend the tax cuts only for the middle class, not for the top 2 percent, that is, households earning $250,000 or more.

5. Should the U.S. tax code be simplified? Is it fair? What would you describe as its single worst flaw?

Yes, the tax code must be simplified because it is not fair. There are too many loopholes in the current code and it is too complex. A tax professional is needed to file most returns now due to the complexity of the tax code. The code must be simplified so that an average tax payer can file their own tax return.

6. Do you support congressional term limits? What limit would you propose?


I advocate three 2 year terms for the U.S. House and one six year term for the U.S. Senate. It should be a privilege to serve.

7. Do you support the current U.S. strategy in Afghanistan? What should the future United States role in Afghanistan be?

I do not support the current U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. We should strengthen our borders and refrain from getting in wars.

8. How good a job is the military and the Veterans Administration doing in providing ongoing care to soldiers and ex-soldiers who served in the war? What specifically would you do to improve services?

We can do better. We need to upgrade our hospitals and facilities for the soldiers and ex-soldiers who have served this country so honorably.

9. What is your position on the federal loan guarantees for an Alaska natural gas pipeline?

• Increase them

• Maintain them as they are

• Decrease them

• Eliminate them

Why? What specifically would you do to carry out your position if elected?

Increase them.

I would work with all State and Federal Officials to guarantee that we Alaskans have our gas line. This will increase state revenues by billions of dollars.

10. Do you support oil and gas development on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? If so, what specifically would do to make this happen? How would this be more effective than previous efforts?


This will be one of my primary goals as your senator. ANWR will give our great state billions of dollars in revenue that we can use to develop alternative energy solutions and sources that will grow and prosper for centuries.

11. Should the proposed Pebble mine in southwest Alaska be constructed? If you have any specific concerns about the project, what are they?

Pebble Mine should only be allowed to proceed if absolute guarantees are made (and substantiated as being possible) that absolutely no contamination will occur.

12. Should the federal government end affirmative action programs in the public sector? In the private sector?


We should end affirmative action in both the public and private sectors and level the playing field. Selection should be based solely on qualification and not for any other reason.

13. Do you believe the U.S. Constitution should be amended in any specific ways? Do you believe any existing amendments should be repealed? Explain.

Not at this time.

14. What is your position on the 8(a) federal contracting policy that many Alaska Native corporations have used to grow?

• Continue it as is

• Expand it

• Shrink it

• Eliminate it

Why? What specifically would you do to carry out your position if elected?

Eliminate it.

We should encourage Native Corporations to hire natives if at all possible and encourage these corporations to invest in Alaska.

15. Do you support federal funding for the Denali Commission, which funds water, sewer, energy and other public projects in rural Alaska?

• Increase funding

• Maintain funding at the FY 2010 level of $64 million

• Decrease funding

• Eliminate funding

Why? What specifically would you do to carry out your position if elected?

Increase funding.

Rural Alaskans live the truest Alaskan lifestyle and deserve all our support. I will work to create more jobs, help funding of rural loans to build private businesses and promote health and social improvements.

16. Is deficit spending by the federal government inherently bad in all circumstances? Under what circumstances would you support deficit spending by the federal government?

Deficit spending is only acceptable in those circumstances where they are necessary for the public good.

17. Name five large federal government programs you would eliminate within 10 years if you could.

(Candidate did not answer)

18. Do you believe the U.S. Constitution authorizes the collection of a federal income tax?


19. Are you satisfied with the level of federal environmental regulation and oversight of offshore oil and gas drilling and shipping to prevent a major spill in Alaska? If not, what do you want to see changed?

Yes, but the key to safe drilling is vigilant inspections and more federal enforcements of the standards we already have.

20. Rural Alaska communities continue to be hit by very high rates of unemployment, suicide, abuse and neglect. Is there anything you would do to address these issues? What specifically?

I would listen to the voice of the people of these rural communities and work with them to solve their problems. I would help them, not tell them what to do from Washington, D.C.

21. Should marriage be legally defined as between one man and one woman?

Yes, but for insurance and benefit purposes same sex couples should be recognized.

22. Should openly gay women and men be able to serve in the U.S. military?

Yes, but we don't ask Americans whether if they are Hispanic, African, Asian or European so why should we ask about sexual orientation.

23. State your position on abortion.

I believe in individual rights. Any American should have the right to bear firearms and any woman should have the right to determine the right choice for her body. This is a personal, social and spiritual decision which should not involve governments, either federal or state.

24. Do you believe abortions should be allowed in the case of rape or incest? What about when the life of the mother is at risk?

Yes, this is common sense. A woman should decide. This is a personal decision that should be made by the woman, not by a government far away in Washington.

25. What is your view on teaching creationism in public schools? Do you believe it should be part of the required state curriculum? How does it fit in with teaching evolution?

Yes, an intelligent society listens to all views and then forms their own opinion.

26. What should Congress or the federal government do, if anything, to help increase the supply of doctors in Alaska?

I believe the supply of doctors in Alaska should be administered by the state, not the federal government.

27. Do human-caused emissions of greenhouse gases play any significant part in global warming?

Yes, Anchorage just experienced the longest thirty-two days of rain.

28. Do you support enacting any laws or regulations to reduce human-caused greenhouse gas emissions as a way to moderate global warming? Explain.

Before laws or regulations are enacted we should study ways to regulate or reduce human caused green house gases.

29. How would you describe the core health care policy problem in the U.S.? Was the problem addressed, in whole or in part, by the health care reform legislation passed by Congress this year?

The problem was addressed only partially but the real problem is obesity by Americans and their lack of exercise. Again this is a personal problem so don't blame Washington.

30. Do you believe the health care reform legislation should be repealed? If it were to be repealed, what would you propose Congress do to improve access to affordable, quality health care for most or all Americans?

I have not read and very few people have read the complete legislation and before I made a decision I would read it.

31. Will you vote for federal legislation containing earmarks? Will you propose the inclusion of earmarks for Alaska in federal appropriations bills?

I oppose earmarks but if other states continue to use them, Alaska should get its fair share.

32. Is it appropriate to use the polar bear listing as a threatened species to limit oil and gas development in the Arctic or regulate distant greenhouse gas emissions? Are there other steps you think government and industry should take to protect Alaska's polar bear population?


It is not appropriate to use threatened species listings to limit oil and gas development in the Arctic. As I have stated before, I believe rights and that we in Alaska know best how to administer and protect our polar bear population.

33. Do you support the federal granting of ownership shares of Bering Sea commercial fisheries to western Alaska villages -- the CDQ program -- at the expense of private companies that work those fisheries?

I believe we should be fair to all Alaskans and private companies and encourage them to work together.

34. Would you:

• Expand the program to include more villages

• Expand the program by increasing the ownership shares of the villages

• Maintain the program as is, with the villages collectively getting a percentage of the pollock, crab ... commercial catches.• Shrink the program

• Eliminate the program


Expand the program to include more villages.

I believe that everyone should be given a fair chance to make a profit and improve their lives.

35. It has been difficult for Alaskans eligible for Medicare to find coverage because of a shortage of physicians willing to accept these patients under current benefit rules. Do you believe this is a problem? What specific steps would you take to improve the situation?

Time will tell if the current Health Care Reform will correct these deficiencies and all Alaskans will obtain the good health care they deserve.