Statewide campaign Q & A

The ADN asked Alaska candidates for Congress their views on a variety of issues. Read their answers and mini-biographies.

QUESTION: Why are you running for office?


Tim Carter


I am running for the U.S. Senate because I believe Alaska deserves an independent voice that represents all of the people and someone who has not sold their soul to get elected. I will represent all Alaskans; democrats, republicans, libertarians, independents and any other party in Alaska.

Ted Gianoutsos

On ballot by petition as no-party candidate, registered as (founding member) Veterans Party of Alaska

Fredrick "David" Haase Libertarian To bring attention to the fact the Federal Reserve is not a government entity It needs to be federalized and put under direct control of the congress where the constitution says it should be. Congress can't even get a simple audit, not to mention answers to congressional questions. It is time we the people bail out of this entire fraud and turn it to the good of the people. We start by taking control and using the rules of the bankers to the benefit of the people. If another candidate would take up that banner I would be gone fishing.

Scott McAdams


I'm running for office to send Alaska values to Washington. Alaska needs a senator that will fight for the important federal investment to continue developing our young state, someone who will keep our promises to seniors and believes in the promise of our children. I will work to bring our natural resources to market and put Alaskans to work. I will never let Washington's partisan politics get in the way of Alaska communities' needs. We must leave our children with a stronger, more prosperous state.

Joe Miller


This nation is at a critical crossroads. We can either continue on the path that we have been on, which will lead the nation to financial crisis, or we can return to the time-test principles of limited government, individual freedom and personal responsibility. Freedom is a zero sum game. The more power that is given to the federal government, the less that will be left for state and most importantly the people.

Lisa Murkowski

Republican Write-in

My love of Alaska drives me each and every day to work to improve and protect our great state. Alaska has come a long way, but we are still a young state that must continue to grow and prosper. Alaska's future is bright, but without leadership and proven experience in Washington, Alaska will not be in a position to achieve its full potential.


Harry Crawford


I am running for U.S. Congress to represent Alaska and Alaskans and to take our seat back from big money corporate interests. For far too many years this seat has been the property of Bill Allen of VECO, Jack Abramoff, and others in jail or under investigation. For years they showered Don Young with thousands of dollars with the expectation of special consideration.

It is time for a Congressman that will stand for Alaskans, not one beholden to the cynical and corrupt. My pledge to the Alaskan people is to represent them to the very best of my ability and stay far away these influences.

Don Young


Alaska is my home and I care deeply about its future, for your children's sake as well as mine. I believe I am the best person for the job because I have excellent relationships with Members on both sides of the aisle; I'm able to accomplish things for Alaska regardless of which party is in control; and I'm not afraid to stand up for Alaskans. I've been able to do this job because of the support of Alaskans and my family and together we make a successful powerful team.


Ethan Berkowitz


I'm running for governor because we are standing still in a time of great change -- something we cannot afford to do. We have no gasline and watch while others develop their natural gas resources. We rank 50th in the U.S. for business and do nothing. We remain first in rates of sexual assault and domestic violence, and take no meaningful action. It is past time to take the bold steps necessary to ensure a brighter future for our families, our communities, and our businesses. It is time to be independent, self-reliant, and put Alaska first again.

Sean Parnell


I'm running for governor to create a future of economic growth and opportunities for our families.

To create jobs, we need to fill up the pipeline, fight federal overreach, lower taxes, support small businesses, and get Alaska's natural gas to market. And, we need superior education and job training programs that will prepare Alaskans for Alaska's jobs.

To protect families, our top priority is putting an end to Alaska's epidemic of domestic violence and sexual assault through tougher enforcement, plus shelter and support for victims, community engagement, and choosing respect.

William Toien


Actually I am not running for office. This is not about me; but an idea.

The idea of a limited government that's small enough to fit inside the Constitution. The idea of Re-self empowerment. The idea of taking from government the power to suppress our creative potentials. This idea will once again become a reality when The Constitution for the United States is proclaimed the law of the land. Nothing can stop the power of an idea whose time has come.

The time has come, and I feel privileged to be it's courier.