Candidate Q & A: U.S. strategy in Afghanistan

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates in statewide elections their views on a variety of issues. We're posting their responses between now and Election Day.

Question: Do you support the current U.S. strategy in Afghanistan? What should the future United States role in Afghanistan be?


Tim Carter


I do not support the current U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. We should strengthen our borders and refrain from getting in wars.

Ted Gianoutsos

On ballot by petition as no-party candidate, registered as (founding member) Veterans Party of Alaska America became supreme in 1945. With less than 5% of the world's population, and falling, America dominates the world militarily, economically, and culturally. As number one power we have no place else to go but down. Of necessity, America will always be involved in ongoing regional wars to keep them from becoming global. We will be in the Persian Gulf region for a long time to come. Bless our troops that keep all of us free!

Fredrick "David" Haase


We won the war in Afghanistan almost a decade ago, What we are doing there now is making enemies and protecting the drug traffic. It is all part of the plan to rack up debt by the New World order Tyrants. God bless our men and women over there doing there best. No one has ever successfully occupied Afghanistan. Alexander the great conquered or more correctly established trade routes, but he did not stay.

Scott McAdams


The current strategy in Afghanistan is, at present, murky. I support allowing General Petraeus the time he needs to refocus and crystallize our mission to define success and set responsible strategic goals. I support our men and women in uniform, and I would never vote to send them into harm's way without a clear definition of our strategy and what victory would be. Our role must be to destroy al Qaeda refuges, wherever they are.

Joe Miller


As a combat veteran of the Desert Shield and Desert Storm, I know the importance of supporting our troops wherever they are serving around the globe. I support efforts to eliminate terrorist threats against the United States found within Afghanistan. Once the terrorist threats are eliminated in Afghanistan, we must remove our forces. We must be careful about overextending our troops and our nation's resources. We cannot afford open-ended commitments.

Lisa Murkowski

Republican Write-in

General Petraeus needs the freedom to accomplish the mission without micromanagement from the Congress. That mission is to prevent Afghanistan from being used to launch terror attacks against the west and to secure freedom for the Afghan people from terrorists. Over time and without artificial deadlines we must build the Afghan Army, which must be prepared to take over the work from coalition forces. I support long-term economic assistance to help Afghanistan maintain a stable government.

Tomorrow's candidate question What is your position on the federal loan guarantees for an Alaska natural gas pipeline -- increase them, maintain them as they are, decrease them or eliminate them? Why? What specifically would you do to carry out your position if elected?


Harry Crawford


The U.S. should only commit ground troops overseas when there is a clear and present danger to our country and its citizens. I support stabilizing Afghanistan as quickly as possible and turning it over to Afghani and regional peacekeepers. I believe the very presence of U.S. troops to be a destabilizing force to peace and the future of Afghanistan.

Don Young


I believe the current Afghanistan strategy that was crafted with the help of the leading generals overseas will allow our troops to accomplish their mission in Afghanistan. The fight towards a stable Afghanistan must be led by the Afghan people. While our troops reestablish and secure the peace, our allies are training and educating the Afghan citizens and building up an Afghan army and police force. We cannot just surrender and abandon our allies and our Afghan friends.