Governor candidate Q & A

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates in statewide elections their views on a variety of issues. We're posting their responses between now and Election Day. See each candidate's full list of answers by clicking on their mug shot in the right column.

Question: What will you do as governor to ensure a natural gas pipeline that gets gas to Alaskans?

Ethan Berkowitz


The pipeline we build must deliver Alaskan gas to Alaskans. As Governor I would actively participate in the negotiation process along with key experts. I would also follow up on the idea first proposed in the federal Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act to give individual Alaskans, Alaska businesses, and Alaska Native Corporations the option of investing in the building of a gas pipeline.

Sean Parnell


Make sure every option is pursued to get Alaska's gas to market, rather than cut off private sector options like my opponent proposes. This is the first time in Alaska's history that companies have actually bid gas into a pipeline, we need to aggressively pursue that. At the same time, an All-Alaska line option is present and will be pursued as will a separate in-state line effort. Until Alaskans get our gas, we should not be limiting options.

Tomorrow's question Rural Alaska communities continue to be hit by very high rates of unemployment, suicide, abuse and neglect. Is there anything you would do to address these issues? What specifically?Tomorrow's question Rural Alaska communities continue to experience very high rates of unemployment, suicide, abuse and neglect. What would you specifically do to address these issues?

William "Billy" S. Toien


As in all vital matters, it is important to delegate the right person to the right job.

I would appoint Bill Walker as my Gas Czar. His knowledge and expertise in getting this done far exceeds my own. Also, as a stop-gap measure to a not yet functioning gas line, as well as a flexible adjunct to a completed gas line to supply remote areas, I would encourage the Dirigible Delivery System described in Airships: Potential Alaskan Transportation Alternative, House Research Agency Report 80-12, on page 129.

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