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Governor candidate Q & A: Fish and wildlife management

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates in statewide elections their views on a variety of issues. We're posting their responses between now and Election Day. See each candidate's full list of answers by clicking on their mug shot in the right column.

Question: Are you satisfied with the way fish and wildlife is being managed by the state? Explain.

Ethan Berkowitz


(On being satisfied with management of fish and wildlife) No. We need to do a better job with the science, making sure that we have adequate investment in our research to manage the resources according to the constitution. In addition, the Boards of Fish and Game should not be politicized, and should be allowed to make their decisions based on science and not on political pressure. We must also recruit and retain fish and game employees dedicated to managing our resources based on constitutional principles.

The predator control program is just about right in that it manages populations to the extent allowed under the constitution. By doing so, we benefit all user groups: hunters, subsistence users, and wildlife viewers.

Sean Parnell


We can do better (with managing fish and wildlife). We've been able to manage Alaska's fish and game for abundance, and by using a scientific approach to game management, we are keeping freezers full of food this winter. Recently, the federal government stepped in and put a halt to one of our predator control efforts. That kind of intervention is unacceptable, and I will continue to stand up for Alaska every time the federal government overreaches.

Our state's predator control program is sufficient. Without managing for an abundance of wildlife, population crashes will inevitably lead to hardship for subsistence and sport hunters alike. I support every effort to protect Alaska's gun rights and our freedom to hunt and fish.

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William "Billy" S. Toien



I prefer local control and privatization of our lands and resources.