Congress candidate Q & A: Health care reform

The Anchorage Daily News asked candidates in statewide elections their views on a variety of issues. We're posting their responses between now and Election Day. See each candidate's full list of answers by clicking on their mug shot in the right column. Do you believe the health care reform legislation should be repealed? If it were to be repealed, what would you propose Congress do to improve access to affordable, quality health care for most or all Americans?


Tim Carter


I have not read and very few people have read the complete legislation and before I made a decision I would read it.

Ted Gianoutsos

On ballot by petition as no-party candidate, registered as (founding member) Veterans Party of Alaska

Health care works more or less for most Americans. The reform was more political hype than real. There are still many "holes" in coverage and service. Reform just made everything more expensive.

Fredrick "David" Haase


Yes it is an un constitutional tax on breathing it would be laughable if it were not true, we should all be up in arms how could we let this happen? This one is so bad it can't be fixed a fast repeal will mitigate most of the damage and hopefully the episode will bring us together to find a better way. Bailing out of the income tax system is good beginning for better health.

Scott McAdams


I do not support repeal. I will work tirelessly to improve the system through reduction of onerous federal mandates like the new 1099 filing requirement. I will make sure that, as problems inevitably arise, they are addressed quickly with commonsense solutions instead of the insider horse-trading that characterized the initial passage of health care reform. I also fully support the Indian Health Care reauthorization contained in the bill and unlike my opponents do not support its repeal.

Joe Miller


I support the repeal of Obamacare. Currently nearly half of the state governments in the U.S. have filed suit in federal court because of Obamacare's questionable constitutionality. Further, this legislation adds millions of new beneficiaries to the already broken Medicaid program and relies in part on finding hundreds of billions in savings from the broken and nearly bankrupt Medicare program. Congress could pass legislation to allow purchase of health insurance across state lines, make health insurance policies portable, give tax breaks for the purchase of private insurance, and allow for HSA's.

Lisa Murkowski

Republican Write-in

I would repeal the bill and replace it with provisions that would reduce health care costs and increase access to health care providers and insurance. Examples of such provisions include medical liability reform, allowing small businesses and solo practitioners to purchase health insurance as a group, and allowing individuals and businesses to purchase health insurance across state lines.


Harry Crawford


No. The existing law should be modified to work better.

Don Young


I have cosponsored H.R. 4910, which would repeal PPACA. I have also cosponsored two health care reform bills. Together, H.R. 2516 (Medical Rights Act) and H.R. 3218 (Improving Health Care for All Americans Act) allow insurance to be purchased across state lines, create tax credits for low income families to purchase private insurance, grant small businesses and self-employed individuals the same tax incentives to purchase insurance for employees that corporations enjoy, and reform malpractice lawsuits.