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WHOA . . . Left-wing opinionator Shannyn Moore is moving her radio show to a FOX affiliate.

Did your head explode? Ear's lobe is dangling in fragments. But it's true, darlings, starting Monday. Here's the story as reported by ADN's Elizabeth Bluemink: KUDO, the local progressive (i.e., liberal) station is going off the air. Owner IBEW wants out of the radio business. Mike Robbins, who's been running KUDO for the union, is starting a new station -- KOAN. Motto: "FOX News 1020, Fair and Balanced for Alaska."

The new station's lineup will include well-known FOX News personalities, including lefty Alan Colmes. It will also include Shannyn and the other local hosts from KUDO, Robbins said. He thinks the mix is going to make for very interesting talk radio.

Shannyn said she's good to go. "Nothing's changing for me," she said Friday. Same show, same opinions, same producer, same studio, same time. Just a slightly different spot on the dial.

As for the likelihood of more right-wing callers, Shannyn laughed. "I get plenty of those now ... It's way more interesting for me to have people who disagree with me."

JOBS STIMULUS . . . Didn't you always wonder where failed political candidates go when the race is over and they vanish from view? Ear may have some news. Look at six of the 14 candidates running for seats on the Chugach Electric board:

Ed Cullinane (ran for state Senate), Harry Crawford (ran for U.S. Congress), Gabrielle LeDoux (ex-Kodiak rep, lost bid for Muldoon House seat), Mark Moronell (ran for state Senate), Suzanne Little (ex-state senator, lost re-up bid 1994), and Lynda Zaugg (ran for state House).

NOT THAT FRIENDLY . . . It was an alarming e-mail. Former legislator Gabrielle LeDoux was stranded in London, her bag stolen "with my passport and credit cards in it. The embassy is willing to help by letting me fly without my passport, I just have to pay for a ticket and settle hotel bills." Hate to ask, was the gist, but could you wire me some money to get home?

It was a scam, of course. The e-mail apparently went to 3,000 people -- someone hacked her mailing list. Some "friends" were surprised to find they were that close to her while a couple of real friends started arranging to send money. Luckily, they called first. Gabrielle said she doesn't think anyone got hooked. And there's an upside, she said: "I've heard from people I haven't heard from in years."

THE THIRD FLOOR . . . Gov. Parnell was pleasantly surprised this past week when his senior staff presented him with a gift -- congratulating him on his election win. The gift -- a .300 Winchester Magnum rifle to take on his next moose hunt.

INSIDE SOURCES . . . Earwigs claim Tom Anderson, still doing federal time for political badness, is 1. teaching an ethics course in prison and, 2. planning to be a radio talk show host when he gets out. Ear finds both these allegations not at all credible, but it's fun to share.

KUDOS . . . Looks like St. Martin's Press will be publishing former ADN writer Deb McKinney's book about Dan Bigley, blinded in a 2003 grizzly bear attack while fishing at the Russian River. Dan and Deb are collaborating. Working title is "Beyond the Bear," and the focus is on what happened after. He was only 25 when the attack made headlines. The announcement about St. Martin's buying the rights sets publication for 2012.

END TIMES . . . The New York Times bestseller list last Sunday had George Bush's book at No. 1 and Sarah Palin's at No. 2. Is this is the end of civilization as we know it, or just the end of literature?

KUDOS 2 . . . Speaking of books, and the end of civilization, Bethel-raised writer and UAA professor Don Rearden has a novel coming out with Penguin Canada in January. "The Raven's Gift" chronicles a "post-apocalyptic Alaska nightmare." Hint: To buy it from Amazon, you have to go to instead of the usual Yep.

And Barbara Andrews Mee, longtime aide to Ted Stevens, has written a memoir about her years with him called "Senator Ted and Mee." She says it should be in bookstores this week. She'll be signing copies at Metro Books Tuesday, 5 to 8 p.m.

ON THE MOVE . . . Terry Carr, a near-legend on the night city desk at Your Favorite Good Morning Newspaper, is retiring next month. In his time (we won't say how long, but it spans two centuries), he's been a reporter, editor and columnist. As night editor, he's the rock reporters throw themselves against when you-know-what hits the fan on deadline, the glue that puts the news pages together. He will be missed.

Post election moves: Former Parnell campaign manager Michelle Toohey is Lite Gov. Treadwell's deputy chief of staff, and Colleen Cox is his new press assistant. Sonia Christensen, former aide to Ketchikan Rep. Kyle Johansen, has moved on to be Gov. Parnell's deputy legislative director. (Apparently the Love Caucus doesn't get any staff positions.)

ALEUTIAN CRIME . . . 11/25/10 Thu 11:19 "Domestic Disturbance -- Officers responded to a report that a couple were yelling and screaming at one another, and found a man and his wife both quite upset about which other family members should or should not be welcome in their home on Thanksgiving. No charges were filed, and officers offered several suggestions to the couple regarding constructive ways to resolve their differences.

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