Palin's 'hairdresser' in Haiti was her daughter Bristol

An Associated Press photo from Haiti of Bristol Palin doing a quick adjustment to her mom's hair -- accompanied by a widely circulated caption saying "Sarah Palin ... has her hair done" -- has created yet another opportunity for the left and right to snipe at each other over Palin. Free Republic accused AP and others of trying to make it seem that Pailn brought a hairdresser on the Rev. Franklin Graham's visit to his humanitarian mission in Haiti. Among those targeted for shame by Free Republic and Human Events is Michael Shaw, who wrote at The Huffington Post that "it's revolting seeing Sarah getting her hair made up like this field hospital is her movie set." Mediaite's Tommy Christopher believes AP should correct the caption. However, he says Palin -- who tweeted "This takes the cake" over the caption -- "picked the wrong battle to fight here." He doubts the photographer, a Haitian freelancer, intended to embarrass Palin and says he probably didn't know who Bristol was.