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New Fish and Game commissioner defends herself against Native critics

Cora Campbell, commissioner for the Department of Fish and Game, 2010.Photo courtesy Office of the Governor

Cora Campbell, the new 31-year-old commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, is promising "outreach" to the Native community after the Alaska Native Brotherhood Grand Camp objected to the appointment of "someone so young and inexperienced." Campbell told the Juneau Empire she is familiar with subsistence issues as well as being an experienced commercial fisherman.

Campbell was born and raised in Petersburg, one of the strongest fishing communities in Alaska, and grew in the close-knit ties of Norwegian, Tlingit and Filipino fishing families. Campbell spent her youth working the deck of her father's boat, the Galatia. ...

Campbell has served two governors and was first appointed in May 2007 as then-Gov. Palin's fisheries policy adviser. She oversaw state fisheries policies, chaired the Fisheries and Oceans subcabinets, served on the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Board of Directors and coordinated activities of agencies involved in regulation and development of the state's subsistence, personal use, sport and commercial fisheries. Campbell's responsibilities expanded to include wildlife and natural resource and environmental issues. "I have been working in the governor's office for several years," Campbell said. "I have had diverse responsibilities and interactions with constituent and user groups and have been working on all the issues facing the department for several years, so it provides a smooth transition at time when a smooth transition is needed."

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