Palin headlines: Favorability rating near lowest in Alaska, poll says

Sarah Palin appeared at the Costco Warehouse in South Anchorage Saturday morning, December 18, 2010, to sign her recently-released book "America by Heart." Marc Lester / Anchorage Daily News

A new report from Public Policy Polling shows Sarah Palin's favorability rating is lower in Alaska than in every state except Democratic Massachusetts.

In Alaska just 33% of voters have a favorable opinion of [Sarah Palin] to 58% with a negative one. ... What makes her home state numbers unusually bad is that Republicans see her favorably by only a 60/30 margin. In most places she's closer to 80% favorability within her own party. Also while independents don't like her anywhere, their level of animosity in Alaska is unusually large -- 65% unfavorable to only 25% with a favorable opinion.

PPP also links Joe Miller's general election defeat by Sen. Lisa Murkowski to Palin's dropping popularity in Alaska.

Ultimately, PPP points out, Alaskans' opinion of Palin is no more than an embarrassment for her and wouldn't matter in a nationwide election -- because she is rated negatively by the majority in every state. Slate's David Weigel adds that -- based on his visit to Alaska last summer -- he sees Palin's drop in home-state popularity as "provincial," the result of resentment of her resignation from the governorship in the wake of her newfound political fame.

Meanwhile, a new CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll sees Palin's support among Republicans for the 2012 presidential nomination dropping nationwide.

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