Letters to the editor (1/11/11)

Comments tarnish credibility

Please remove the comments feature below each online news article. I am sure that giving everyday people a voice in current events is a way to increase readership, and thus ad sales, but the exchanges that occur are more often than not rude and immature. They give this online edition of your paper the feel of a chat room, and frankly, it tarnishes your credibility.

It is up to the Anchorage Daily News to hold itself to a standard, not pander.

-- Kyle Marvin


Whack-job fear-mongers encourage malevolence

I heard about the shooting in Arizona on the way to work on Saturday. It sent a sickening chill through me. At work, the event came up in conversation with a female customer. I said, "A congresswoman from Arizona was shot and killed in Tucson," (which is what had been reported).

"Republican or Democrat?" she asked.

"Democrat," I replied.

"That's no loss," she said as cool and emotionless as if I'd mentioned the assassination of a rapist-murderer. I was stunned wordless.

Welcome to Sarah Palin's Alaska, Glenn Beck's Psycho-World, Rush Limbaugh Hell -- where gun-worshippin' true-believers listen slavishly to these millionaire whack-jobs and their idiotic, evil-in-their-conscious-ignorance rants. "Reload!" Right, Sarah! Yeah, words don't matter!

I am still shocked by the cold-blooded malevolence coming out of this Alaska woman -- like it was the most natural thing in the world to be glad that a United States congresswoman had been murdered.

Unbelievable. Terrifying.

-- Tim Snapp

Eagle River

Sow fear, reap slaughter

I simply can't find the words to express my disgust with Sarah Palin and her pals at Fox News; their evil artistry of blended truth, lies and bile seems to have set the stage for the horrific assassination attempt against Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Every generation breeds monsters who prey on people's fears and exploit those fears for personal gain. In the same way we Americans blame radical Muslim clerics for the murder of Pakistani governor Salaam Taseer, Palin and her "fair and balanced" buddies should be held accountable for today's slaughter of six, including a precious little 9-year-old girl.

-- Eric Treider


Not only 'sane' are listening

Note to word warriors, talking heads, political sharks, and Arizona's Jesse Kelly in particular: Law-abiding "sane" people aren't the only folks paying attention. The "deranged" people are listening too.

-- Dawnell Smith