Denali closed to snowmobile use

CANTWELL -- Denali National Park and Preserve Superintendent Paul Anderson announced Thursday that deteriorating snow cover means snowmobiles are off limits for traditional activities in the 1980 additions to Denali National Park and Preserve on both sides of the Alaska Range.

Even areas such as Broad Pass near Cantwell that often maintain snow cover longest are closed. Officials say snow depths are inadequate to protect vegetation.

Also, the Windy Creek Trail, Cantwell Airstrip Trail, Pyramid Trail, Cantwell Creek Floodplain Trail/Corridor, and the Bull River Floodplain Trail/Route are closed to off-road vehicles to allow the trails to dry. They will re-open June 15.

Further information is on the park website, Or call the park at 1-907-683-9532.

Anchorage Daily News