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Excerpt: Geoffrey Dunn's 'The Lies of Sarah Palin'

You don't need to read beyond the cover to catch the drift of Geoffrey Dunn's new book, "The Lies of Sarah Palin: The Untold Story Behind Her Relentless Quest for Power." Former Alaskan Dunn, a writer and filmmaker, has been going after Palin on the Huffington Post website for a couple years now and is a favorite commentator among those on the left who love to loathe Palin. The Anchorage Press has published an excerpt from his book that covers the final month of the 2008 McCain-Palin campaign for the White House, comparing Palin's versions of mostly well-known events from her memoir "Going Rogue" with other accounts.

Among topics given extensive treatment in the excerpt are Palin's duping by a Montreal radio personality who phoned her and pretended to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy; Palin's rocky relationship with McCain campaign adviser Steve Schmidt; and her attempt -- having sensed that her star was rising even in defeat -- to deliver a concession speech after McCain's on election night, ultimately thwarted by McCain and his staff. Dunn writes:

Of all the problematic accounts in "Going Rogue" -- and there are literally dozens now that have been challenged -- Palin's duplicity surrounding the final night in Phoenix is remarkable. Palin went to great lengths in her memoirs to explain why she doesn't cry. But Palin wept deeply and openly that night in Phoenix, before a national and international audience, as McCain delivered a generous, if not particularly eloquent, concession to Obama. Her tears were not shed for a higher purpose. If they had been, she would have noted it. But it would have been another Sarah Palin lie. Sarah Palin was not crying for John McCain or her country; she was crying for herself.

Read more at The Anchorage Press. Several more books focused on Palin are due out this year.