Decoding the bus tour: What is Palin trying to achieve?

What does Palin want? Decoding her unorthodox bus tour (Huffington Post): It was clear Tuesday what Sarah Palin's bus tour -- wherever it goes from here -- is not. It is not an attempt by the former Alaska governor to gauge how much grassroots support she has. Her game of hide and seek with the press has precluded any kind of rally or public appearance that would test her ability to draw crowds. Any chance that the trip held news value, as a result, had been severely diminished by the time Palin visited the Liberty Bell.

Palin rewrites the rules but is that enough? (Washington Post): Everything about her "One Nation" bus tour, except the bus, is the antithesis of how most politicians would do what she's doing. The question is whether she could ever run for president this way. The experts ... say no. One Republican with considerable campaign experience, who wouldn't agree to be identified in order to be as candid as possible, called the "One Nation" bus tour that Palin and her family are on "a joke." Another called it "an ill-conceived" venture as a precursor to a campaign. Palin wouldn't have it any other way.

Where is Palin? And why? (New Yorker): Is this a presidential campaign, a reality-show pilot or a choose-your-own-adventure book? Maybe it's a quest. But for what -- a plot-line for "National Treasure 3"? ... It might help if Palin at least let people know whether she was leading them into the desert or off of a cliff; the Republican Party is going to have to keep an eye out for that one.