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Imagine the feeling of gliding through a forest canopy on the wings of the wind. The sun shining on your face, warming your skin as you fly from tree to tree. Zipline tours give you a bird's-eye view of nature, from frolicking monkeys to sleeping sloths. Tours are located in dense forests and jungles around the world, with lines for families, as well as hard core adrenaline junkies.

"Throughout our zipline tours guests learn about the unique environment and culture of the places in which Skyline operates. Whether you plan to visit Maui or the Big Island in Hawaii or Pigeon Forge, Tenn., you will find unmatched fun and adventure at any of Skyline Eco-Adventures award winning locations!"

"Get ready to soar through the forests and explore the wilds of Northern Michigan at Wildwood Rush Canopy Tours! Our guests fly down over 5,000 feet of zip lines, cross five sky bridges, and take in amazing views of Lake Charlevoix from our tree platforms high above the forest floor."

Soaring Canopy Tour's amazing zip line attraction is remotely located on 180 private acres surrounded by the San Juan Mountains of Durango, Colo. A fun and safe zip line adventure for the whole family, corporate groups and adventure seekers looking for a unique Colorado adventure.

"Feel the sensation of flying with the birds as you pass over the tree canopy. Marvel at magnificent views of the Jamaica hills and farmland and the Great River below, while traveling at speeds of 40 mph. Climb onto the jungle bridge, 250 feet long, as you travel to the next zipline with our professional guides."

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"Located at Juneau's Eaglecrest Ski Area in the Tongass National Forest, this tour provides you with an opportunity to learn about the fascinating eco-systems of Southeast Alaska as you are zipping over salmon spawning streams with panoramic mountain views surrounding you." --