Flat tire takes the air out of McDonald's speedway night

John McDonald was having a great night Saturday at North Star Speedway until a flat tire ruined his evening.

In the first heat of the featured sprint cars, McDonald set a track record with a qualifying run of 9.3 seconds on the paved quarter-mile oval.

McDonald was leading the feature race when he blew a tire going into the final turn.

Tyler McDonald wound up the sprint winner after taking the second heat and the finale.

In the legends class, Andy Workman didn't win a heat but claimed the feature race over Mike Thomas, the second-heat winner.

Keith Jones did the same in the thunder stocks, outracing Stephen McElroy.

Coming up Saturday, North Star Speedway is hosting the 49th State Street Hot Rodders and Burnout competition.

Car show and qualifying start at 4:30 p.m.; racing begins at 5:30 p.m. Burnout competition is scheduled for intermission.

North Star Speedway

Saturday's oval track results

Thunder Stocks

Heat 1 -- 1) Jon Jensen; 2) Damian LaMountain; 3) Artie Neimi

Heat 2 -- 1) Artie Neimi; 2) Damian LaMountain; 3) Stephen Moretti

Feature -- 1) Keith Jones; 2) Stephen McElroy 3) Jim Langland


Heat 1 -- 1) Mike Braddock; 2), Andy Workman; 3), Mike Thomas

Heat 2 -- 1) Mike Thomas; 2) Mike Braddock; 3) Jeff Landrum

Feature -- 1) Andy Workman; 2) Mike Thomas; 3) Bryan Barber

Sprint Cars

Heat 1 -- 1) John McDonald; 2) Doug Fischer 3) Logan McDonald

Heat 2 -- 1) Tyler McDonald; 2) Doug Fischer; 3) Logan McDonald

Feature -- 1) Tyler McDonald; 2) Doug Fischer; 3) Logan McDonald

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