Federal gas line coordinator, TransCanada to deliver updates

There will be a lot of natural gas pipeline talk in Anchorage over the next several days, with TransCanada and the federal coordinator for the project among those giving updates on the ongoing efforts to build the multi-billion dollar pipeline.

The federal coordinator for the Alaska gasline project, Larry Persily, will kick it all off today with a presentation to the public policy group Commonwealth North.

Commonwealth North says Persily will give an update on the viability of the effort to bring North Slope natural gas to North American markets.

He'll meet with Commonwealth North's "Energy Action Coalition" from noon to 1 p.m. in the ANGDA conference room at 411 West 4th Avenue in Anchorage.

The state Senate Resources Committee will begin three days of natural gas pipeline hearings Monday in Anchorage.

The first day will include a presentation from Dan Fauske, who is working on a proposed in-state natural gas pipeline from the North Slope to Southcentral for customers inside Alaska. Legislators are talking about the state possibly financing and owning the line.

TransCanada Vice President Tony Palmer will testify to the committee Tuesday about how his company's state-subsidized effort to build an Alaska gasline through Canada to the Lower 48 market is going. Tuesday will also include presentations on the Cook Inlet gas supply.

Persily will speak Wednesday morning to the resources committee, which will also be taking public testimony from 1:30 to 4:30 that afternoon. The resources committee meetings will be at the Anchorage Legislative Information office at 716 W 4th Ave.

Anchorage Daily News / adn.com