Two arrested in assault on homeless man

Casey Grove

An early morning beating at a Northeast Anchorage mobile home park sent a homeless man to the hospital, according to police. Officers using a police dog caught two suspects shortly after the attack, a police spokesman said.

A man living in the park at 1001 Boniface Parkway heard the assault and found an injured man on the ground outside his home about 1:30 a.m., said police spokesman Lt. Dave Parker.

The man, Daniel Workman, told officers he was homeless and had been attacked by four young men who pedaled away on mountain bikes, Parker said.

"The suspect we (later) arrested hauled off and hit him in the face, knocked him into the ground, and then stomped on his head," Parker said.

Workman was bleeding from the front and back of his head, and an ambulance took him to a local hospital with lacerations and broken bones in his face, police said.

Officer Jason Whetsell and a police dog, Dutch, tracked the suspects' scent to another part of the park, police said.

"As they approached the front, three suspects bolted out the back," Parker said.

But officers found 20-year-old Kenneth Towksjhea Jr. inside, and Dutch and Whetsell followed three others. They found the juveniles at another mobile home, police said.

The other suspects told police Towksjhea started the beating and had been the main attacker, Parker said. Workman, the victim, also said Towksjhea had emptied his pockets but found nothing valuable to steal, police said.

Towksjhea was arrested for first-degree assault and first-degree robbery, police said.

An assault charge against one of the juveniles is pending because he admitted to punching Workman while he was on the ground, Parker said. Information on the assault was forwarded to juvenile justice authorities, he said.

It was unclear why Workman was in the park or why he was attacked, Parker said.

"There was some talk that one of the four had said something about this man having done something to him," Parker said. "But that turned out to be bogus, or at least (the officers) couldn't corroborate that."

Towksjhea was held without bail pending his arraignment, which is set for today.

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