Avoid taking sides on halibut issue and stick to the facts

Re: ADN editorial "Halibut? Go for two" (Sept. 18).

Please acknowledge your misunderstanding of the CSP: 1). "Seward and Homer have a huge stake in the Charter Business." Homer and Seward also have a huge stake in the Commercial sector, which has endured reductions (with abundance) in their quota allocation and consequential loss of related business and fish tax revenues for those communities where the fish is processed. Alaskans should appreciate both industries and work to cease the acrimony.

2). "... appropriate a huge share of a common resource to the few rather than the many?" Your reference to a "few" is actually about 60 million American consumers who buy halibut from restaurants and seafood counters. 3) "... fast-tracking plan." Managing increased charter removals started in 1993 with a North Council appointed committee. The CSP was passed by the North Council in 2008. The timeline on this issue is nearly two decades old. I urge you to not take sides on this issue, value each sector and report the facts as your profession should mandate.

-- Rhonda A. Hubbard