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Trio honored as CIC's best

The Dimond duo of Tara Thompson and Colleen Fairchild shared offensive player-of-the-year honors and East's Anna Woern was named the defensive player of the year by flag football coaches in the Cook Inlet Conference, which announced its all-conference selections Friday.

Thompson and Fairchild helped Dimond to the CIC's regular-season championship but won't be playing in today's CIC championship game. Woern and the East T-birds knocked off Dimond in a semifinal playoff game Thursday to win a spot in the title game against West.

Coach-of-the-year honors went to Eagle River head coach Matt Turner. East's Jeremy Fox was named the CIC's assistant coach of the year.

East and West square off for the championship at 2 p.m. today at Dimond Alumni Field.

Cook Inlet Conference

Flag football all-conference team

Offensive players of the year -- Colleen Fairchild, Dimond; Tara Thompson, Dimond. Defensive player of the year -- Anna Woern, East. Coach of the year -- Matt Turner, Eagle River. Assistant coach of the year -- Jeremy Fox, East.


First team

Tara Thompson, Dimond (quarterback); Destiny Little, Bartlett (wide receiver); McKenzie Mathis, Chugiak (running back); Jaley Bozeman, Dimond; Alyssa Leier, East; Skylar Metzel, Eagle River; Zoe Bailey, Service; Anna Sofia Roberts, West; Colleen Fairchild, Dimond; Katie Nokelby, South; Scout Warners, Eagle River; Dani Levine, West; Madison Jungswirth, South; Kelli Cantrell, West (punter).

Second team

Kuulemakan White, Bartlett (quarterback) ; Sharea Holley, Bartlett (running back); Tracie Haken, Chugiak (wide receiver); Mary Vaitohi, Dimond; Jamilla Snigaroff, East; Gabi Mordini, Eagle River; Alyssa Randall, Eagle River; Georgiana Hoss, South; Kelly French, West; Kelli Cantrell, West; Alexiandria Rojas, West; Myna Lincoln, Bartlett; Mary Vaitohi, Dimond; Celisa Hahn, East (punter).

Honorable mention

Jessi McMullenm, Chugiak (quarterback); Olivia Calloway, Bartlett; Samantha Maxim, Bartlett; Elyse Perez, Chugiak; Andre Samaniego, Chugiak; Katie Kostival, Dimond; Tiana Dunn, Dimond; Virginia Valencia, Dimond; Samantha Bailey, Dimond; Celisa Hahn, East; Randi Muotka, Service; Amanda Pugh, Service; Mimi Troxel, West; Mary Robinson, Bartlett (punter); Randi Muotka, Service (punter); Madison Mines, South (punter).


First team

Monique Walker, Bartlett; Sharea Holley, Bartlett; Samantha Perez, Chugiak; Tara Thompson, Dimond; Colleen Fairchild, Dimond; Anna Woern, East; Alyssa Leier, East; Meaghan Byman, Eagle River; Kelli Cantrell, West; Anna Sofia Roberts, West; Kelli Cantrell, West.

Second team

Destiny Little, Bartlett; Autumn George, Chugiak; Gabby Coleman, Dimond; Mary Vaitohi, Dimond; Ashley Meeker, East; Jamilla Snigaroff, East; Paulette Mordini, Eagle River; Emily Haas, Service; Zoe Bailey, Service; Rowan Kraft, West.; Celisa Hahn, EastHonorable mention

Honorable mention

Olivia Calloway, Bartlett; Sierra Humphrey, Chugiak; Mina Sayer, Chugiak; Aminata Cole, Dimond; Ione Fischer, Dimond; Haley Martin, Dimond; Jackie Vongnaroth, East; Leilani Mahi, Eagle River; Caitlyn Upton, Service; Mariah Williams, Service; Madison Jungswirth, South; Ellie Simpson, West; Kelly French, West; Mary Alapeti, West; Katie Bond, South; Sarah Lundgren, South; Mary Robinson, Bartlett; Randi Muotka, Service; Madison Mines, South.