Alaska Ear

ANCHORWOOD . . . The fun never stops when you're in the movies. Or at least, when your government subsidy program gives beaucoup bucks to moviemakers. Earwigs report the world premiere of "Big Miracle," aka the whale movie, is set for Jan. 25 in Washington, D.C.

Coveted invitations (non-transferable, alas) to glam it up on the red carpet will soon be in the mail. Dress is reportedly "Business or Alaska Casual." Hmmm. What exactly do those two fashions have in common?

A private after-party is set for Sequoia on K Street. (The bistro seems to specialize in humongous "towers" of seafood -- crab claws, calamari, etc.).

The premiere is said to be a fundraiser for Bonnie Carroll's TAPS program for military families -- Bonnie and her deceased husband, Tom, are characters in the movie.

One well-deserved presence on the rouge carpet, along with the dazzling Drew Barrymore, and money men like the president of Universal Pictures, will be Carolyn Robinson of SprocketHeads in Anchorage. Carolyn has been an indefatigable worker bee in the long effort to create the state subsidy and draw movie production to Alaska. She will certainly be cheering when the name of her hubby, film photographer Steve Rychetnik, shows up on the credit roll.

A QUESTION . . . What do ex-politicians do on a Saturday night? Attend Alaska Junior Theater, apparently. Spotted at the Discovery Theatre last week, ex-Lite Gov. Loren Leman and ex-Sen. Con Bunde, both with kids (grandkids?) in tow.

FLIRTING WITH THE DARK SIDE . . . Is the Ron Devon who filed a letter of intent to run for the state Legislature related to Jeanne Devon, aka the blogger Mudflats? Property records suggest yes but Ear would never pass on unconfirmed information ... oh, wait; yes, Ear would.

Anyhow, nothing about what office Mr. Devon covets. Maybe Mudflats can check it out for us.

AN ANSWER . . . Faced with last week's quiz about the daughter of a prominent family running for the School Board, a lot of earwigs guessed it was Tam Agosti Gisler. Actually, the correct answer was Natasha von Imhof (nee Rasmuson). Both answers are correct.

Tam is the daughter of Lino Agosti, founder of Refrigeration and Food Equipment, the commercial kitchen design and installation company that's been building local kitchens since the mid-1960s. Their latest is at the Dena'ina convention center. Her mother ran Catholic Social Services back when it was a volunteer organization with a different name. Natasha is the granddaughter of Elmer and daughter of Ed Rasmuson of National Bank of Alaska and Rasmuson Foundation note.

ON THE MOVE . . . Michelle Theriault Boots, currently a reporter and multimedia producer at KTUU Channel 2, will be moving to Your Favorite Good Morning Newspaper after the New Year. Originally from Seattle, Michelle has worked for the Bellingham Herald and the Salem (Ore.) Statesman Journal. She spent a summer on a reporting fellowship with the AP in South Africa. She's also an adjunct teacher at UAA.

KTUU Channel 2 is also losing another reporter. Friday was Ashton Goodell's last day. After three years in Anchorage, she's taken a job as a reporter in her hometown of Salt Lake City.

OUT AND ABOUT . . . Spotted lunching in Midtown recently, Harold and Cheryll Heinze and MEA chief Joe Griffith. Harold recently resigned from his beleaguered gas line job to, among other things, take on a big Eklutna project for MEA, which means he and Cheryll now both work for longtime friend Griffith. The trio was enjoying the Asian fusion menu at Larry's Cocoon on 36th Avenue.

Seen around town last week, a blast from the past: David Hammock, former host of Channel 7's "Running," the candidate debate series. Earwigs say it's his first visit to Alaska since leaving 10 years ago for Oregon. Ear recalls with continued amusement Dave's business cards from back then: "Dave Hammock. Things Arranged."

KUDOS . . . Carol Sturgulewski's book on the Alaska Governor's House is out just in time for Christmas, if you live in Juneau. Carol, joined by First Lady Sandy Parnell, sold about 100 copies in two hours there Monday. The book won't be generally available in Anchorage until January.

Carol's not the only artist in the family. You do remember, darlings, that she's a Murkowski by birth, which makes her the daughter of a governor, the sister of a U.S. senator and the daughter-in-law of a state senator. OK, so that makes her filmmaker son, Ben, the grandson of, uhh, the nephew of, uhh -- oh, never mind. Ben's newest movie, "Solitaire," played at the Bear Tooth on Thursday. It won a prize in Poland and a Spanish film festival has just flown him to Spain for another awards ceremony.

BLESSED TO GIVE . . . Right? Pity all the lobbyists, special interests, hangers-on and even average voters hoping for better government. In addition to holiday spending, they're getting hit from all sides by candidate fundraisers. Tuesday was the big Republican opener labeled "The Dawning of a New Era," meaning the effort to elect even more Republicans to the Alaska Senate, And talk about the Christmas spirit, Don Young hosted one Wednesday for Mia Costello, Lance Pruitt, Anna Fairclough and Bob Roses.

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