Kilcher family gets own reality show; it debuts Thursday

HOMER -- The simply titled, "Alaska: The Last Frontier," is the latest in the ever-expanding list of reality TV shows set in Alaska. This time the Kilcher family takes center stage, though without the family's most famous member - multi-platinum-selling singer and songwriter Jewel.

The premier show is 9 p.m. Thursday on the Discovery Channel.

Announced in March with the working title, "Mountain Men of Alaska," the series focuses on patriarch Atz Kilcher, Jewel's father. He and the rest of the clan live on a 600-acre homestead outside of Homer that was settled 80 years ago by Jewel's grandfather, Yule Kilcher. That land is home to three generations, and the show's first episode follows the Kilchers as they prepare for winter, highlighting their off-the-grid lifestyle.

Anchorage Daily News