Hollywood is missing some good Alaska stories

Anchorage Press staffers, scanning over the list of Alaska-based films and TV shows helped along by state subsidies, brainstormed another list of "films about Alaska that Hollywood ought to make." Some would be based on real Alaska history, and some are fictional but could express something essential about the Alaska spirit.

Alaska characters have traditionally been portrayed as movie stereotypes engaged in myths of the north. We suspect this is true for cultures all over the globe, but it seems especially true the further a production company travels from their home office where the story was first spun and funded. ...

It's not that we hate movies about whales (although the "Big Miracle" script that leaked is a traffic jam of clutter) and we don't think the Bob Hansen serial killer movie is an especially bad idea. It's just that those ideas, along with sled dogs, girl-detectives of the frozen north and the serum run that spawned the Iditarod, already seem like sure bets. Our hope is that someone, if they're not too busy hanging movie lights and building ice-block igloos, will take our ideas, apply some imagination and research, and run with them.

A legend of Soapy Smith for the big screen, anyone? How about the Ken Kesey novel "Sailor Song"? Read more.