Number of Alaska independent voters up since 2010

Becky BohrerAssociated Press

JUNEAU -- The number of registered independent and undeclared voters in Alaska has increased by more than 8,700 in the past two years.

That's the most of any other political grouping, according to the Division of Elections. As of Jan. 3, 264,499 voters identified themselves as nonpartisan or undeclared.

There were 130,742 registered Republicans and 72,792 registered Democrats.

Democrats lost 3,014 voters between Jan. 3, 2010, and Jan. 3, 2012. Libertarians lost 1,229.

The Alaskan Independence Party gained 1,119 voters. Republicans gained 4,599 between Jan. 3, 2010, and Jan. 3, 2011. The GOP lost 549 since last year.

2010 was the last major election year in the state. 2012 is a presidential election year, and Alaska's U.S. House seat, as well as legislative seats, will be on the ballot.

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