Jerry Prevo should be ashamed

Let me get this straight. If I don't pay property taxes on my home, I lose my house. If I receive untaxed income, I pay federal income taxes, penalties and interest. If I take someone's money with a gun or a computer, that's stealing. If I lie about my qualifications for financial gain, I would be committing fraud, be fired and possibly indicted for felony theft by deception for amounts over $500. Awarding the title "minister" so employees can escape paying taxes is deceptive.

Cozying up to lawmakers to pass laws to enable you to avoid taxes, thus allowing taxpayers to pay your fair share, is greedy and deceitful.

For someone who claims to be the moral compass for our community, Jerry Prevo's actions bring into question his credibility, his good will and his faith.

These actions bring the justification of ABT's tax exemption into question.

Shame on Prevo!

-- Denise Rader