Local treats available for Valentine's Day

Steve Edwards

From sweets to the sea, Valentine's Day in Alaska runs the gamut.

Dannon Southall at 10th & M Seafoods says they are running a few holiday specials, including pre-orders for live lobsters. "These lovely live lobsters will be flown in on Valentine's Day Tuesday and will be enjoyed that night," he says. Orders must be made by Friday.

"Another seafood item that would go hand-and-hand with Valentine's Day is live oysters. We will have live oysters all week, with the Alaskan oysters coming in on Friday," Southall says. They are $10.95 per dozen.

Other options this week include: fresh cod fillets ($5.95/pound), fresh rockfish and Dover sole fillets ($8.95/pound) and vacuum-packed, frozen halibut cheeks ($18.95/pound).

John Jackson at New Sagaya Markets sees Valentine's Day as a glimpse of the future: "I see the sunrise slowly peaking over the mountains, the temperature is bearable outside and we are only a few weeks away from fresh halibut. Dare I say spring? Well, let's not get that crazy, but I can see the beginning of the end for winter, I hope. "

Live Atlantic lobsters are $11.99/pound at New Sagaya, while fresh Alaska cod fillets are $5.99/pound ("the cod has been beautiful this year," Jackson says) and size 21/25 white shrimp are $7.99/pound.

While not everyone will share his feelings, Jackson says there is "no better way to say I love you than with fresh fish!"

If fresh sweets are more your liking, Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop is featuring two specialty cupcakes: a white coconut cupcake with lime-curd filling and a light cream frosting and a chocolate cupcake with strawberry filling and whipped vanilla frosting.

"The lemon-curd will wake you up and make you feel sunny, and the chocolate cupcake plays off the idea of a chocolate-dipped strawberry. Very romantic for Valentine's Day," says baker Sarah Carpenter, who developed the idea for both cupcakes while studying at the San Francisco Baking Institute.

Fire Island bakers zest dozens of limes and then juice the thin peels to achieve the intense lime flavor,

"We make everything that goes into the cupcakes here in the bakery," Carpenter said.

While normally closed on Tuesdays, Fire Island will open its doors for Valentine's Day. Breads will be limited to the shop's classic baguettes, but all normal breakfast goods -- breakfast in bed, anyone? -- and desserts will be available, including the specialty cupcakes.

Over at Sugarspoon, 2601 Spenard Road, the February specials include chocolate covered strawberry cheesecake and raspberry red velvet cupcakes. Check out www.aksugarspoon.com for more information.

The Flying Dutchman Pastry Shop, 2101 Abbott Road, has loads of chocolate goodies, including chocolate-covered strawberries, along with cakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats. More information is available at www.ravenchocolates.com.

Other sweet stops include Cake Studio Bakery and Boutique, 608 W. Fourth Avenue (www.alaskacakestudio.com), and Superstar Pastry Design, 3020 Minnesota Drive (www.spdak.com).

Center Market

This week the Rempel Family Farm will have certified organic sugar pumpkins, stripetti squash, carrots, parsnips, three varieties of beets and seven kinds of potatoes available at today's market.

Duane Clark says he re-stocked on Alaska seafood -- scallops, side-stripe shrimp, king salmon steaks and halibut cheeks -- along with goat cheese, local honey and Alaska-raised beef and chicken.

The market is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. today at the Mall at Sears.

Dahlia update

For a dahlia catalog from Rob Wells at the Persistent Farmer, contact 907-745-2789 or robw@mtaonline.net. Also, visit www.thepersistent farmer.com.

For those who order the dahlia tubers, Wells will deliver them to the Mall at Sears on March 7.

Steve Edwards lives and writes in Anchorage. If you have a suggestion for a future Market Fresh column, please contact him at sedwards@adn.com.

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