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WE'VE SUFFERED ENOUGH . . . Reason No. 1 to hope an asteroid hits us: Honor Code Joe Miller plans to run for senator again -- and, worst luck -- he's going to run here. He told Politico Thursday that he's probably not going after Don Young's seat this year (Alas, it would a pleasure to watch Darling Don crush him), but Joe said he almost certainly will go after Begich in 2014.

Really, Joe? Get in line.

EARLY VALENTINES . . . Ear hearts middle-age love. Did you see that the Love Caucus got an excused absence from the legislative session from Friday to Tuesday so Kyle and Charisse could go to Washington, D.C., to lobby together?

Hmmm. "Lobby" must be one of those new Twitter words for it.

(For actual facts about stuff that matters, Lisa Demer's story on the trip can be found at

THE OTHER SHOE . . . Former Anchorage Rep. Nancy Dahlstrom finally got that administration job Gov. God promised her when she resigned from the Legislature back in May 2010. She started Monday as director of the governor's Anchorage office, and it's about time.

Earwigs who've stopped boozing will remember Nancy announced she was leaving the House to accept a job as military affairs adviser to Parnell. Then someone pointed out that lawmakers aren't allowed to take a newly created administration job for a year after leaving office. She had to quit when then-Attorney General (the other) Dan Sullivan, whose office had declared her taking the job legal, tossed her under the bus (par for a Palin appointee) and publicly changed his conclusion. (OK, who's surprised that a conservative Republican is willing to wait an entire year for a government job? Not Ear.)

NOT THEM . . . Speaking of Sullivans, a note to earwigs who wrote to advise that our Sullivan family doesn't have a Tom. Tom Sullivan is one of the FOX radio talk show hosts mentioned in an item last week. Ear's correspondents are correct. Our Sullivans have a Tim, a Dan and a Casey; then there's the other Dan, who's not related.

Perhaps Ear inadvertently misled some d'Ears by not mentioning that Tom Sullivan is a right-wing national radio yap flapper, an ex-bud of Rush Limbaugh, if Wikipedia has it right.

ROMNEY JUGGERNAUT . . . Just kidding. Looks like Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Light Guv Mead Treadwell are heading up the Mitt Romney campaign in Alaska. At least they're the first two names on the list published by the News-Miner, which also includes Dave Dittman, Susan Fischetti, Chris Nelson and Rex Shattuck, among others.

Ear is preparing for a boring campaign. The only way it will be fun is if one of the Not-Romneys wins the nomination and Lisa has to hold her nose and support a member of the right-wing gang that hoped to see her bumped off.

BRAGGING RIGHTS . . . Someone from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute spotted a copy of the new Jane's Aircraft Recognition Guide and was thrilled to note the cover photo is of an Alaska Airlines plane. And not just any Alaska Airlines plane, the one that's painted like a fish.

Ear is so proud.

The only more thrilling photo would be Wayne Anthony Ross brandishing a (totally legal) AK-47 on the cover of Jane's Gun Recognition Guide. Now that would be Alaskan.

EAR CANDY . . . John McCombs, an earwig who deals with today's unrelenting news cycle by summarizing events in limerick form, submitted the following:

A former councilman named Menard

Thought he woke up in Spenard

He trashed his hotel room

Like Who drummer Keith Moon

So the recall vote came down hard.

UNALASKA . . . From Ear's favorite police blotter as reported in the Dutch Harbor Telegraph:

"31 January, Tuesday - 00:56, A drunken man reported a fight involving multiple other inebriates at the Grand Aleutian Hotel. Officers arrived to find, after wading through testimony from a dozen people, sober and otherwise, that the original caller had in fact instigated most of the problems about which he was complaining. ... 14:34, Petite piles of poo promulgated by pets prompted a protest to police."

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