Chezik extends his lead on Day 2 of Rondy World Championship

Mike Dunham

Ken Chezik maintained his lead on the second day of the Anchorage Fur Rendezvous World Championship Sled Dog Race on Saturday, beating second-place finisher Kevin Cook by two seconds.

Arleigh Reynolds and Egil Ellis swapped positions, with Reynolds claiming third place for the day and overall.

Other changes in the top 10 included Guy Girard, who moved from 11th to 20th, Marie-Anick Alie, who jumped from 15th to ninth and Brent Beck, who rocketed from 16th to eighth.

Several neck-to-neck finishes excited the crowd on 4th Ave. Marvin Kokrine's lead dogs came in right behind the runners of Randy DeKuiper's sled. Cook led Bill Kornmuller across the finish line by the length of one dog. And Reynolds passed Don Cousins in front of the 4th Avenue Bar, within feet of the judges stand.

The final heat of the race starts at noon today at 4th Ave. and D Street. Mushers will leave in the reverse order of their overall two-day times.

Standings at the end of Saturday's race.

(Sunday's bib number will be same as place in standings)

1) Ken Chezik, 88:46 (day 1)-89:34 (day 2)--178:20 (total); 2) Kevin Cook (r), 90:26-89:36--180:02; 3) Arleigh Reynolds, 91:22-91:26--182:48; 4) Egil Ellis, 90:46-93:26--184:12; 5) Bill Kornmuller, 94:07-95:37--189:44; 6) Greg Taylor, 94:14-95:48--190:02; 7) Jeff Conn, 94:45-96:48--191:33; 8) Brent Beck, 98:11-95:59--194:10; 9) Marie-Anick Alie (r), 98:00-97:26--195:26; 10) Guy Girard (r), 96:30-99:14--195:44; 11) Greg Selletin (r), 94:54-100:50--195:48; 12) John Erhart, 97:28-98:55--196:23; 13) Marvin Kokrine, 99:00-97:35--196:35; 14) Will Kornmuller, 98:54-98:05--196:59; 15) Nathan Sterling, 97:13-100:02--197:15; 16) Jack Berry, 95:31-104:44--200:15; 17) Don Cousins, 96:53-107:33--204:26; 18) Rob Peebles, 100:41-105:17--205:58; 19) Michael Tetzner, 96:23-110:08--206:31; 20) Randy DeKuiper, 112:26-103:30--215:56; 21) Danny Beck (r), 112:39-107:29--220:08; 22) Ron Wordon (r), 107:39-116:06--223:45; 23) Mari Wood, 114:32-118:05--232:37; 24) Jon Bunderson (r), 122:23-114:59--237:22

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