Who's up / Who's down

ERIK HILL / Anchorage Daily News

UP -- Kikkan Randall: Wow! First American to win a World Cup nordic title in 30 years. Alaskans are delighted but not surprised.

DOWN -- Mayor Dan: Snow woes in subdivisions continue to bedevil hizzoner in this election year. Time and spring may be on his side. Unless there's flooding.

DOWN -- Challenger Paul: Mr. Honeman makes hay in the snow berms but he's got his own P.R. woes with Rollins case.

UP -- Jim Lanier: One of the old men of the Iditarod claims gold in Cripple. Somewhere, Joe Redington is smiling and saying, "You done good."

UP -- The Seaveys: Three generations -- Dan, Mitch and Dallas -- give Iditarod 2012 a go. Last Great Race as birthright.

UP -- Scott Janssen: Mushing Mortician brings Iditarod dog back with mouth-to-snout resuscitation. Now, that's a story.

EVEN -- Sen. Lisa: Murkowski takes beating on contraception vote, takes initiative with prosecutors' bill. Either move the target or change the subject.

UP -- Jim Hershberger: Man from homestead north of Slana gets his 22 confiscated cats back. Hope he's got plenty of litter for the trip home.

DOWN -- Grizzlies: Game board OKs shooting brownies at black bear bait stations. Don't follow your nose, Yogi.

UP -- Nenana Ice Classic gamblers: Tripod goes up on the Tanana. Someday, baby, when the river runs free ...