Young pronounces support for earmarks

Becky BohrerAssociated Press

JUNEAU -- U.S. Rep. Don Young says members of Congress realize banning earmarks was a mistake. But he says they're too afraid to say that. He's not.

Young, an unabashed earmark supporter, says earmarks are important for a state like Alaska, which is huge geographically and has communities ranging from big cities to tiny villages.

He sees an earmarks ban as inhibiting his ability to help smaller communities secure funding for projects like docks, harbors or roads.

He says that's not good government.

Young is seeking his 21st term. If he wins, he says, he will run again.

The Republican says he's good at what he does, and if he thought there was someone better able to do the job, he "might" support that person.

He says he thinks he's the best choice.

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