Government seizes millions from Anchorage surgeon

An Anchorage plastic surgeon went to extraordinary lengths to hide assets from his wife in a contested divorce, according to Forbes.

From the article:

In a previously unreported "complaint for forfeiture" that reads like the plot for a B-movie, the government says Anchorage plastic surgeon Michael D. Brandner was in the middle of a contested divorce in May, 2008, when he drove from Alaska to Panama (more than 6,000 miles, according to Google maps) and deposited cashiers' checks totaling $3.25 million into an account at Capital Bank in Panama.

Later, the story says, Brandner, 63, moved another $1.5 million to Panama. He ultimately got in trouble with the U.S. government, the story says, when he shifted all the money into a Bank of America account in the name of a foreign corporation, and the money was seized. The doctor's ex-wife, Sheila, has had trouble paying her attorneys and represented heself in a recent motion, the story says.

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