Palmer wins main event in boxing

Anchorage's Bryce Palmer won Thursday Night at the Fights' main event at the Egan Center.

The 265-pound Palmer won by three-round decision over 300-pound J.R. Amituanai of American Samoa.

Thursday Night at the Fights

Matt O'Brien (145 pounds) def. Joshua Williamson (140) three-round decision. Colin Eckels (161) def. Daniel Jones (161) first-round TKO. Cameron Crawford (160) def. Andrew Lipton (170) first-round tap-out. Lorena Markezic (150) def. Kristen Dreeszen (140) first-round tap-out. Juan Chavez (170) def. Tim Field (165) three-round decision. Preston Lie (218) def. Tauveve Filoialii (260) three-round decision. Bryc Palmer (265) def. J.R. Amituanai (300) three-round decision.