Letters to the editor (4/6/12)

Thank you for standing up

I want to thank the thousands of Alaskans who participated in "Choose Respect" rallies and marches last week; thank you for speaking out and standing up against domestic violence, sexual assault and child sexual abuse.

The first lady and I are especially grateful to the amazing hosts and communities for their hospitality extended to members of my administration. We are rebuilding the importance of the traditions of respect, and by doing so we will end the epidemic of domestic violence and sexual assault. Together, we will create a stronger, healthier Alaska.

-- Gov. Sean Parnell


Are senatorial standards lower?

A rally for Ted Stevens ... really ... Alaska's shamed ex-senator. The man got off on a technicality. Is this the new standard for a U.S. senator?

-- Fred Janvrin


No excuse for ballot shortages

The problem of ballot shortages needs to be thoroughly and independently investigated, and I hope the Anchorage Daily News will investigate and report this issue. The municipality must be held accountable for this problem and leaders must come up with a written plan to ensure this never happens again.

Voters were actually turned away at some polling stations due to lack of ballots. Many of us voted questioned ballots in our own precincts. There is no excuse for not having enough ballots. None.

I personally do not trust the results of this sham election.

-- Maryellen Lambert


Voters to reap what they sowed

What goes around comes back around. Anchorage, you voted that not all should have basic rights; this will affect all of us in one way or another through your friends, neighbors, your families as well as your children. It will all come to our front doors and in our homes at some point in some way.

Just remember, there are no basic human rights for everyone here in Anchorage -- and you voted for that. Shame on this city!

-- Bea Campbell


Cross not about religion?

When I first heard about Jerry Prevo wanting to build his 230-foot-tall cross, I thought it was just another way of him further promoting his institution. Later I realized the cross also resembles the letter "t" and perhaps this could be a symbol and acronym for the "t'ax-free" zone of his buildings and the "church-owned" housing for his staff.

"T" marks the spot for creative property tax exemption!

-- Doug Smith


Danger at the lights

House Bill 255 thoughtlessly "allows a driver to carry on a text conversation at a stop light." A driver pulled over to the side of the road has control over his or her starting and stopping. A driver at a stop light is obligated to stop and go by the signal.

How many will surge forward on the green signal before collecting their wits again? I don't want to be there.

-- Doreen Ransom