Don't throw stones; instead, engage others with courtesy

I am saddened by the divisiveness Prop. 5 has generated in our city and dismayed at the ease with which people on both sides have bandied around words of hatred. No matter how emotional an issue may be, there is still room for civil debate.

Most of us are surrounded by a mix of people on both sides of this issue, some of whom we have great respect for and who are an important part of our lives. How can we so easily declare judgement on their character based on a single issue?

Instead of standing on one side with like-minded “friends” throwing stones at the perceived “enemy,” I challenge you to engage with people of differing viewpoints and find out what is really in their hearts. I am confident that you will overwhelmingly find people full of compassion for the plight of their fellow man and the common struggle we all endure in our daily lives.

Most of us desire to live in a thriving community. Let’s act like it!

— Shaun Baines