A pleasure to see somebody take a stand against rail spur

It was nice to hear someone finally using some common sense when discussing the proposed Port MacKenzie rail spur. The Mat-Su Borough wants the state Legislature to give them $180 million to build a rail spur to a port that nobody uses. Sen. Bert Stedman called it like it is when he described the project as "nuts."

Stedman was also right when he pointed out that the Mat-Su Borough and railroad have no realistic business plan to make the project work out financially. The railroad just had their credit rating slashed and their business partners are the same borough leaders that brought us the unused fast ferry and Goose Creek Prison. With this kind of track record why should we trust these characters with another blank check from voters?

I hope that Stedman and the bi-partisan majority in the state Senate can prevail over the efforts pushing for this massive waste of government funds.

-- Ryan Schryver