Letters to the editor (4/17/12)

Equality should be a given

It is unfathomable that in 2012 we are still holding votes to decide whether or not certain groups of people have rights and protection against discrimination: Equality should be a given that is not dependent on elections.

As embarrassing as it is that the basic rights of people are even a topic of discussion, the fact that Proposition 5 did not pass is completely archaic, ignorant and unacceptable.

The Unites States prides itself on intellectual and institutional maturity; clearly we have a long way to go.

-- Brianna Traxinger


What is the value of a vote?

What good is my vote if your vote is not counted?

-- Jed Whittaker


Thanks to snow, park crews

OK you winter whiners, it's almost over. Your one-lane road will soon be two lanes again. (Our road was one lane for most of the winter but we understood what record snowfall means and would like to tell the city snow crews thanks for a great job with all the snow.)

You now have all summer to sit back and contemplate "should I stay or should I take a hike."

Speaking of taking a hike I also want to thank the Chugach Park rangers (especially Prospect Heights) for keeping the trees cleared from the trails after all the high winds we had. Challenging trails but very pleasurable hikes. Last thanks to Mother Nature for the great winter landscape that she presented to us in the most gorgeous state there is.

-- Kevin Nistler


Mormons erroneously singled out for defeat of Prop 5

In response to Mark Manni's letter of April 8 regarding "bigoted feelings" and Prop 5 failure: What possible reason does he have for singling out Mormons and somehow trying to connect Prop 5 with California's gay marriage issue last year? Of the many ADN articles I read leading up to the recent vote, many churches were named lining up on both sides of this question except the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons).

I am an active member of the LDS church, and there was no mention of Prop 5 from the pulpits, classes or other meetings. In fact, what little I did hear of from individual members was that some were voting for it and some were not.

I know he's upset and needs a scapegoat, but he's barking up the wrong tree. Everyone on both sides of the issue got their say. People voted and made their wishes known in this matter. No need for sour grapes or erroneously blaming Mormons. I have to believe he's better than that.

-- John Schuerch