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Fairbanks toddler dies of injuries from alleged beating

FAIRBANKS -- A 2-year-old Fairbanks boy died two days after he was thrown by his mother's boyfriend and knocked unconscious for wetting the bed, authorities said.

The child was taken to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital on Tuesday, then placed in a pediatric intensive care unit in Anchorage, where he died Thursday, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reported.

Carl Delbert David Jr. was arraigned earlier Thursday on a first-degree felony assault charge and remained in Fairbanks Correctional Center on a no-bail hold. He did not enter a plea.

A decision on whether to upgrade the charges after the boy's death will be made by the district attorney's office.

A criminal complaint said David threw his girlfriend's child onto a bed, where the boy bounced and hit his head on the floor. David, 24, also is accused of stepping on the boy's groin, authorities said. An autopsy is planned.

The boy sustained a fractured skull, broken neck and internal injuries, according to authorities, who said he was knocked unconscious. David told police he then stepped on the boy's groin area because he was angry that the boy had urinated in the bed, according to the complaint. The boy was not wearing a diaper, authorities said.

The boy remained unconscious for about an hour but David said he did not call 911 or seek help even though he knew the child was not breathing right, authorities said. David said he held the boy until his mother returned to their apartment and put the toddler in a baby stroller and pushed him to nearby Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, authorities said.

Emergency room workers notified police about the case.

A preliminary hearing for David has been set for April 27.

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