Juneau home prices at an all-time high

JUNEAU -- The city of Juneau says home prices there have reached an all-time high.

The City and Borough of Juneau assessor says a look at Multiple Listing Service data shows that there were 305 sales closed in 2011 with an average price of nearly $295,000.

The sale price average topped 2007 records, when the average was $293,000, with a 78-day average on the market.

The Juneau Empire says Robin Potter presented the figures at a presentation this week to the Finance Committee. She says there were 13,292 parcels of real property valued for 2012, which amounts to $4 billion in total taxable value. Potter also showed that Juneau's taxable value has had an average growth rate of 4.1 percent per year since 2002.

Associated Press