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Letter of the Week

After a week off last week, Russ Lindsay of Eagle River puts Letter of the Week back in action for his straight-up, exasperated lament than ran April 15 and read, in part:

"Between Elise Patkotak and Shannyn Moore, it's a wonder any God-fearing, conservative Republican male even reads your paper."

Nothing wishy-washy, no "on the other hand" in that sentence. Nice informative lead, too telling the reader something about Patkotak, Moore and Mr. Lindsay.

Hope Mr. Lindsay keeps reading and writing.

Honorable mentions go to Bruce Orton (April 18), who reminded us that the anniversary of the Titanic's sinking is also the anniversary of Lincoln's assassination, and Mark Lovegreen (April 16), who chided the Anchorage Baptist Temple for seeking "special rights" for its 230-foot cross.

Monday is all letters. Thanks to all for writing.

-- Frank Gerjevic