We need honest public servants

Finally, something of importance coming from Washington, D.C. I applaud the strong comments and efforts of Rep. Sensenbrenner and Rep. Gohmert in the House Subcommittee on Crime, who agree Joe Bottini should be disbarred for his horrendous lies and misconduct in the name of "Justice."

That we, the taxpayers, had to pay more than $1.8 million for attorneys for the prosecution team during the investigation into their unmitigated misconduct should be the end of it. Both Mr. Bottini and Mr. Goeke should be disbarred and taken off the public payroll immediately.

Sen. Stevens, Alaskans, and all Americans deserve public servants that are honest and protect our rights, not those who decide they have their own rules to use when "acting" on the public's behalf. -- Jeanine St. John