UAA outdoor activities program axed from budget

The 7-year-old UAA program that organizes hikes and other outdoor excursions for students has been cut from the budget, and the staff of the student newspaper The Northern Light takes a dim view of the move, pointing out that the program cost just 1/626th the price of the new Seawolves arena.

In spring semester 2012 alone, 375-400 students went on trips through Rec & Activities, according to Manch Garhart, program coordinator. On a yearly basis one-third to half of on-campus residents routinely take advantage of this service. There is no denying the rec program has reached out to a large number of students on campus.

But apparently, when considering the fate of such a program, large-scale student impact is not the deciding factor.

One disappointed student told The Northern Light: "Most transfer and exchange students do not have the ability to own a car in Alaska, and Rec offered a fantastic way to experience Alaska. I personally would not have committed to another year at UAA if I had known that Rec would be cut. It is simply not worth it for most of these students to come to school in Anchorage without a means of getting into the wilderness."

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