Letters to the editor (5/2/12)

Sullivan failed voters

Fair elections are the most important institution in our democracy. Whether through incompetence or corruption, Anchorage just went through an election that was other than "fair."

In such a case, a good mayor would say, "not in my town." A bad mayor would say "Oh well, I would have won anyway."

-- Connie Faipeas


Help arrives in time of need

I want to express my gratitude to all the people who stopped to offer help when my car died Monday near the corner of Fireweed and Seward Highway. I was overwhelmed by the number of people who offered -- and gave -- assistance. Most of them were young; all were so kind -- and appreciated beyond words!

-- Linda Johnson


Coach appreciates the efforts

I was recently awarded recognition for my coaching in jumping/nordic combined by the United States Ski and Snowboard Association. I am thankful for this acknowledgement.

However, I must note that my performance this past year would not have been at all possible without the significant efforts of other people working extremely hard for the success of the Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage in this sport. I give my sincerest thanks and appreciation to the fine young athletes that are pursuing this great sport, and their parents. I give my deep appreciation to all the people who have unselfishly given their time to rebuild and maintain our facilities.

And, most importantly, I recognize nothing would be possible without the skills and expertise of Vivienne Murray and Karen Compton, who have made it their mission to develop a jumping/nordic combined program that will shine as a beacon of accomplishment for generations to come. My work as a coach is not possible without their efforts. I give each of these women my profound thanks.

-- Daniel Bevington


Parents fail kids on bicycles

It shows how much you love your child when you let them ride a bike or other riding toys out in the street without a helmet or any protection at all. It shows how much you love them when they are too small and young to understand danger and you let them ride around the block in the street and they don't know how to get out of the street and head right toward oncoming traffic.

How many parents actually take time to instruct their kids on being street smart? Take time to instruct and maybe save a kid's life. If you love them, protect them with information and training.

Vehicles will always win against kids not knowing safety. And this is not the driver's fault or the kid's fault. It is the parents' fault. Step up and protect your kids.

-- Deborah Richardson


Election needs investigation

With the amount of public discussion about Prop. 5 this past spring, I find it highly suspect if not irresponsible that not enough ballots were prepared for the Anchorage election. Of course there should be an independent investigation and ballot recount. Any suggestion of a failing vote machine must be thoroughly investigated.

The city appears to want to sweep this under the carpet and call it a mistake, but this smacks voter disenfranchisement whether it was intended or not. The city must have an independent investigation to help satisfy the voters who did not get to vote.

-- Annette Barnett