Letter to the editor (5/3/12)

Democrats are looking out for Alaskans while Republicans continue to fail them

Regarding your story on redistricting in Wednesday's paper ("Redistricting map solutions elusive"), I want to add a few comments.

An excellent slate of Democratic candidates has stepped forward to run for the Legislature and Congress this year, and we are optimistic about the upcoming elections. While Alaska Republicans appear to be imploding, splitting into factions and devolving into chaos, Democrats are unifying and getting stronger.

Against the backdrop of the just ended special session, Alaskans can now see clearly who is looking out for their interests. Democrats stood up for Alaskans, asked the hard questions and blocked Gov. Parnell's oil tax bill that would have given away $2 billion a year of our oil wealth with no strings attached.

The governor's inability to defend the latest version of his ill-conceived giveaway forced him to flee the field and brought down the curtain on the special session he himself called.

Shenanigans at the Republican Party convention last weekend, such as the boos and disrespectful conduct showed to Sen. Lisa Murkowski and visiting Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming, revealed divisions and discord within the Republican ranks.

With respect to redistricting, chaos continues. The Redistricting Board's defective map and flawed process have been struck down multiple times by the courts, the matter is under appeal, and no one yet knows what map will be used for the primary election less than four months away. This uncertainty is magnified in the areas of the state where the litigation is focused, including the Interior, Western Alaska, and Southeast. Redistricting uncertainty adds a layer of complexity to the candidate recruitment process.

-- Kay Brown, executive director Alaska Democratic Party Anchorage