Letters to the editor (5/10/12)

Fond memories of Fuji Gifts

Re: Edna Peters' letter "Memories of Fuji Gifts" (May 9).

I have more memories of Fuji Gifts to share. One summer when my father (gone 14 years now and missed terribly -- Love you Dad!) came to visit we were out there and stopped in at Fuji Gifts. What a place! Dad got on real well with the guy running the place (Art Wallace). They chatted about everything (Dad was retired military and traveled a lot) and had a great time.

Fuji Gifts was a fun place to explore. Did so again recently with a friend and found out that the gentleman that had run the place passed on and his brother was now running the place. Like Edna from Ruby, I too wish to know more about the auction. And thank you Julia O'Malley for a wonderful article about the place. Cheers!

-- Sandra Quinones


Why can't Talkeetna get an answer from Mat-Su Borough?

There is "talk" in Talkeetna (not from me) of bringing suit against the Mat-Su Borough.

Why? The borough actions of giving tax exemptions to Port MacKenzie development, hiring a borough employee to "develop" Port MacKenzie, trying to develop a "ski hill," advocating more growth while failing to address current infrastructure within the borough and the problems already created by growth.

The borough ignores the existing infrastructure problems in Mat Su, and wants Talkeetna, its No.1 tourist destination, to pay its "own way!"

All of Mat-Su rakes in revenue from tourists coming to historic, "quirky" Talkeetna through their area. Why does borough staff not see this and want Talkeetna to "pay its own way" for being part of the borough?

We in Talkeetna have not received any answers as to how much the borough spends in Talkeetna of our area tax dollars collected to operate our part of the borough. Not one answer from anyone in the borough. Why?

Any elected representatives of the people care to respond? Anyone? Vern? He's our rep.

-- Mike Stoltz, owner

Meandering Moose Lodge


Service Seminar counselor is a vital position at the school

Recently, there was a large number of cuts in positions at Service, including the counselor position for the Seminar Program, Service's "magnet" school-within-a-school. This position is highly specialized with a long learning curve. There is now no-one who will have the time to do this without the program suffering.

A recent ASD news release touts the $35 million in scholarships and aid that counselors and staff assisted students in obtaining. My daughter was well served by the Seminar counselor who was just laid off -- one of the instrumental few who assisted her in being accepted into several excellent schools along with academic scholarships. I can guarantee that there will be no one to step into those shoes with the work-loads our employees currently have. Future students will be on their own. Meanwhile we plan to spend millions more on football fields. Our priorities are warped.

I know financial decisions have to be made; however, this one appears to be one of "shooting one's self in the foot." It is nothing but counter-productive.

-- Mike Price


Portrayal of women not funny

Under the heading not funny, list two of the comic strips you ran today (May 9), Luann and Chickweed Lane.

In one, a so-called businesswoman shows herself incapable of the simplest math calculation. In the other, a young woman is about to get a lesson from a gay man about consulting a doctor first to confirm a pregnancy before telling the whole world.

Is it funny to portray women as airheads in serious personal matters?

-- Diane Pleninger